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David Ayilara asked 1 year ago

I understand that Bitcoin Address changes from time to time. From my experience with Blockchain, the addresses changes after a successful transaction. Now if i\’m requesting bitcoin from different places at the same time, What will happen if one transaction goes through and the bitcoin address changes? What will happen to the other transactions yet to come in, seeing that the address has changed?

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey David, a private key (the “seed” of your Bitcoin wallet) can create many public addresses that will all lead to the same place. That’s why it doesn’t matter if one payment goes to one address and the other to another. Eventually they will all reach the same private key and you will have all of your funds.

spiros mxs replied 1 year ago

Yes but you cannot use it if you have not private key. When try to send says “watch only”. If you want use it have to import private key. But new interface has not header import/export so where the wallet owner retrieve it?