auto trading bots

allan asked 4 weeks ago

is there any auto or part auto trading bots out there that are not scams. it seems like everyone of them is a scam.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Allan,
Sure, there are legit bots. One I’ve seen advertised a lot on the BitcoinTalk forum is GunBot for Poloniex. I don’t know exactly what kind of trading you want to do on and on which exchanges… but certainly there are many legit bots out there. I suggest you read through this thread:
It’s also a *VERY* good idea for you to examine the code of any bot you intend to use. Not only will this give you the necessary understanding of the bot’s behaviour but it’ll allow you to identify anything potentially malicious. If you don’t read code, you should ask or hire a coder to perform this step for you.