AUG 1st fork and BIP 148 compatible private keys???

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Rick asked 2 months ago

Hi there!
I have stored my BTC in paper wallets that I created a long time ago through  Now I’m reading in places like Bitcoin Magazine that my keys need to be BIP 148 compatible as to not loose control of my BTC.
Do you guys know if this is accurate? Do I need to create new wallets or will I be fine with the ones I’ve got?

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Zsofia - 99Bitcoins support Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Rick, I suggest you to read this article about what happens during a hard fork. Until you have your private key you are full control of your Bitcoins, which is the case in terms of a paper wallet. I think the article referred to hosted wallets, that in that case you are dependent on the wallet provider’s decision on how to proceed when the fork happens. 

Rick replied 1 month ago

Thanks a bunch Sofia!

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