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Brian McCarthy asked 6 days ago

Hi Zsofia,

Is there an alternative trusted exchange aside from Bitstamp that I can use to purchase XRP? I’m not comfortable with the level of KYC requirements that Bitstamp requests.

Steven Hay replied 6 days ago

Hi Brian,

Pretty much all exchanges which handle fiat will have these kind of KYC hoops to jump through. However, like Zsofia said, you can avoid this hassle by buying Bitcoin using a more anonymous method. Purchasing BTC directly from an individual via the site or Bisq app are the recommended methods.

You may then exchange this BTC for Ripple on a crypto-only exchange without having to do much verification. For full exchanges, check out, or (there are many more options!) and for a quick, light exchange, try or

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Zsofia Elek answered 6 days ago

Hi Brian,
Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges require personal information to verify your identity and comply with the KYC regulation in the country they are operating in. If you want to buy Ripple in exchange for USD, you can try Gatehub as well, they also have their own KYC process, they require you to upload some documents.
If that still does not fit your needs, you can also purchase Ripple using Bitcoin first and convert it. You can do this at several exchanges and you can even purchase Bitcoins anonymously, just follow the steps in the linked posts.

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