Advertising my travel website to allow payment of Crypto Currency

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Jeffrey MILLER asked 2 weeks ago

My wife and I have been helping people save money on very nice vacations to our (9) All-Inclusive Resorts for about 8 years now. Most of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. We have just gotten started with buying Crypto Currency, and have done pretty well so far. We got to thinking that one of the things missing from this industry, is having many places to actually spend the crypto.
We have decided to accept Bitcoin or Ethereum as payment for our already low rates to vacation at our resorts.
My question is: What is your opinion on the best way to advertise this to owners of Crypto?
Thank you for your time.

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Zsofia Elek answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Jeffrey,
We have a post here: Who Accepts Bitcoins As Payment? List of Companies | 99Bitcoins – feel free to add your business in the comment section of our page and we’ll approve it. Once every few months we review all comments and add some of the businesses from the comments to the body.
We also have advertising options on our site, please check out our Advertising Page for the details.
Good luck with you business!

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