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Frank asked 4 months ago

You should add to your reviews of exchanges etc if they require 2 way authentication.
For someone like me without a mobile device and who mistrusts Google so much that he wont install the Chrome browser,coinbase is out of the question for instance because you need either of the two to use them. Same with many other services,so this would be a valuable information for many

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Steven Hay answered 4 months ago

Hey Frank,
I fully agree, I try to avoid Google as far as possible myself. I got a Trezor instead of a Ledger for the same reason. However, I guess it’s just assumed that everyone has a mobile device these days. There certainly are exchanges where just an email will suffice. The only fiat-crypto exchange I can think of right now like that is Bitfinex, but they no longer service US customers. I don’t recall Kraken requiring a mobile number, so I’d recommend checking them out.