Press Release: Trucoin Announces the Dissolution of Its Partnership with NCC and Presto Financial Along With Plans For an Official Launch That Will Nearly Quadruple the Old Partnership’s Coverage of US States

Today Trucoin Global Holdings announced that it will be terminating its partnership in the Florida based subsidiary Trucoin USA, which was formed with NCC and Presto Financial. Trucoin Global, the parent company of the Trucoin brand and its technologies, also announced that an official launch will take place in the coming weeks, boasting nearly thirty supported states.

Atlanta, GA July 24, 2014 — Trucoin has announced that it has dissolved its relationship with National Check Cashing and Currency and Presto Financial, owned by Larry Cohen. In an effort to increase the coverage area, both in the US and internationally, Trucoin will spend the next few weeks finishing an agreement with another licensed money services business that will result in nearly quadruple the coverage that the old partnership had offered consumers.

Chris Brunner, the President of Trucoin Global Holdings stated, “We will be closing our beta period in the previously-supported eight states, however current customers will have absolutely no problem withdrawing any bitcoin they may have in their account and will be able to log in and review their account at any time. We have dedicated support by phone and online to assist with any folks that may have questions or need help with their account.”

He went on to assure the public that, “While this move may pose a temporary inconvenience for a few, the move comes in an effort to bring access to a much wider group of consumers. We felt that we needed to do this now so that we could ensure a substantially larger group of consumers have access to a fast and easy way to purchase bitcoin. Trucoin Global will always be thankful to our former partners for helping get us to this point, but it is time to up the ante and bring this product to as many consumers as possible. Almost everyone who has used our product while it has been in beta will be able continue buying bitcoin uninterrupted once we announce our official public launch.”

After a successful two of week beta period that included a flurry of interest and comments from customers — using the “fastest way to buy bitcoin in the world” — the company is now poised to expand their customer base with the official launch once the remaining pieces of the new deal are completed. “We are excited and feel that our beta round has been extremely successful. We received several positive comments online from folks who used the product in the first eight supported states. Some remarked that they were actually ‘blown away’ that they could acquire bitcoin so quickly and easily, so we feel like we accomplished what we had set out to do during the planned beta period. It also became clear to us that it was time to expand coverage so that more had access to it, in order to meet the overwhelming demand for our service,” commented Brent James, VP of Marketing and Communications.

“Another announcement will be coming soon, which will make a lot of people extremely happy. Those who have been using our service during beta will be able to resume using our service to continue to buy bitcoins once we announce the official launch; however, in the meantime, they will still be able to log in and withdraw or view their account any time they wish. Soon, many more will be able to buy Bitcoin in a couple of minutes online for the very first time.” The company has not released the official launch date as of today, but an announcement is expected in the next few weeks.


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Trucoin Global is a leading financial technology service provider in the digital currency sector pioneering solutions for compliance, fraud prevention, and ease of use.



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