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Coin Fire Plus

 Enhance your Coin Fire experience with the Coin Fire Plus membership.

Coin Fire Plus is a great way to support Coin Fire and comes with a series of perks exclusive to our Plus members.

Since many of these perks are still in the works, the current price for a membership is reduced as our thanks to you for helping support our efforts. The price for Plus membership will increase as more features are added.

A lifetime membership starts at approximately $47 USD fully paid in bitcoin. Coin Fire will use your bitcoins from purchase to help sustain our site. We will extend our server contracts, pay for additional DDOS protection, cover travel expenses (paid in BTC on Expedia), and pay our contributors for work performed.

Benefits will be added according to the roadmap below and more features will be added as time goes on. We are dedicated to bringing you up-to-date cryptocurrency news and information. We understand the risk to those subscribing and that our initial set is weak, but you’ll be supporting our efforts and commitment to giving back to those that help support us.

The price for this membership will increase with time as benefits are added and as the risk that we won’t hit our roadmap features is reduced.

Coin Fire Plus offers members an advertisement free reading experience.

Coin Fire Plus gives members Digest. Our new curated roundup of cryptocurrency news links posted daily.

Coin Fire Plus members get to read an exclusive long-form story 12 times per year.

Coin Fire Plus members get access to the Coin Fire Editorial system via a watch-only account.

Coin Fire Plus members are helping to support Coin Fire’s team.

Coin Fire Plus members receive access to a special forums area designed for members only. (Soon)

Coin Fire Plus members receive a special badge on the site displaying that they are Plus members. (Soon)

Coin Fire Plus members will receive added benefits and features in the near future.

Exclusive Editorial System Access

The Coin Fire Editorial system is a custom built system in which stories are crafted for Coin Fire.

Our Editorial Team uses the Coin Fire Editorial system to pitch new story ideas, receive approval from editors, schedule stories, and more. Coin Fire Plus members will receive a watch-only account that allows them to take part in the process end-to-end and see how stories are formed, crafted, edited, and ultimately published.

Advertisement Free Viewing Experience

Coin Fire’s editorial efforts are made possible for the public because of advertising that is served on the Coin Fire website. Those who are directly supporting our efforts with a Coin Fire Plus membership will no longer see advertisements on the Coin Fire website.

Exclusive Long-Form Features

Twelve times per year Coin Fire contributors will present a long-form feature exclusive to our Plus members for at least 60 days before release to the general public. We understand that this form of reporting might only be interesting to the hardcore readers of Coin Fire so your support will help us bring more of that reporting.


You can begin supporting the work of Coin Fire and receive this and a plethora of other upgrades as we roll them out. Simply fill out the form below, make your payment, and the Coin Fire team will be in touch with your login information after a few payment confirmations.


Subscriptions are currently disabled. Please, check back soon.


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We hate spam as much as you do. You can unsubscribe with one click.
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