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Oh hai, Piece of Bit!

Amongst my travels along the Internet looking for the best sites to review for Bitcoin related things I recently came across Piece of Bit. It is a site that features reviews of various cryptocurrency related things and it is a relatively new comer to the scene.

I’ve been super impressed with the honesty I’ve seen on the site and even more excited to announce that effective this evening that Coin Fire and Piece of Bit will be working together to provide the best reviews, editorials, news, and educational products on the Internet for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Piece of Bit will be receiving a revamp over the next several weeks and Coin Fire will be featuring reviews from bevo at Piece of Bit to help expand the Coin Fire review series.

You’ll be seeing some exciting updates coming out of both sites over the next few weeks as we work closely to integrate and continue our expansion to bring you the best on the Internet for cryptocurrencies.

Stay tuned for further updates and information and in the meantime head on over to Piece of Bit and check out some reviews and watch as we all work together to make everything shine 🙂

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