NYC Bitcoin Pitch Event hosted by Ultra Light Startups rewards three startups

Today, it seems like every recent Bitcoin-related event is an automatic success just because is connected to virtual currency. But it’s not! Successful events take organization and work: take as an example the last meeting hosted by Ultra Light Startups, the NYC Bitcoin Pitch Event, in New York.

On July 11, nine entrepreneurs talked for two minutes each, making pitches about their Bitcoin businesses, at the event prepared by the community dedicated to helping technology startups grow. Among them were Divya Thakur, developer at BTX Trader, Shawn Sloves, co-founder of Atlas ATS, Ayoub Naciri, co-founder of artaBit, Andre De Castro, from Ecoincashier, Jesse Heaslip, co-founder of, Aric Fedido, founder and CTO of OpenWallet, Kingsley Edwards, from LeetCoin, Shamoon Siddiqui, CEO of Crypto Street), and Megan Burton, founder and CEO of CoinX.

After the presentations, four experts – Andrew Chang (founding partner of Liberty City Ventures), John Frankel (partner of ff Venture Capital), Nikhil Kalghatigi (principal of SoftBank Capital) and Matthew Witheiler (principal of Flybridge Capital Partners) – provided guidance to each startup.

In the end, the audience chose three winners for in-kind prizes.  At the conclusion of the evening, the winner startup was the digital currency exchange CoinX, followed by Open Wallet and Atlas ATS.

This was Ultra Light Startups’ first adventure in the world of Bitcoin and the experience went rather well, so a new cryptocurrency-related event might be on the calendar.


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