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Notcoin Announces ‘Earnings Missions’ Enabling Players To Earn Even More NOT After Huge $3.5 Billion Airdrop

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Notcoins successful launch last week saw NOT airdrop become biggest GameFi token drop this year and now players can earn even more tokens.

Notcoin went live last week and was a huge success, becoming the biggest GameFi token launch this year. With the launch came a huge airdrop for players of the viral clicker game on Telegram.

Over $3.5 billion worth of tokens were distributed to around 35 million users. The price peaked just after launch, which saw the market cap for NOT hit just shy of $1.5 billion with a price of $0.0145 per token.

NOT has since dipped, currently trading at around $0.0047 per token with a market cap of $482 million. With NOT being available on Binance amongst other large exchanges, the volume for NOT has stayed extremely strong, with over $150 million traded over the past 24 hours.


Play2Earn – What Are ‘Earnings Missions’?

The Notcoin team promised that there was a lot more to come in regard to their play2earn program. They’ve since announced
its newest addition to the game – “earnings missions.”

Earnings missions work differently from previous tasks and quests players had to complete before the token launch, as completing these missions lets users earn NOT tokens passively rather than through a one-time reward.

The tutorial notes supplied by the Notcoin team state that these missions will see players engage with different communities, belonging to Notcoin’s “partner projects,” and being rewarded with NOT in return for learning about other crypto games and apps.

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Level Up To Earn More NOT Airdrop

The team has included a progression-based system that sees users ‘level up’ by completing missions. NOT earnings are based on your in-game level; adding an interesting GameFi tokenomic mechanism.

The higher your level, the larger the pool of potential NOT airdrop rewards. There is also a staking protocol whereby you can increase your level by staking NOT, and the amount of NOT you have staked at the end of every month determines whether you move up or down the ranks.

Platinum is currently the highest level users can achieve, earning players the most Notcoin tokens.

These missions include tasks like following them on Twitter, joining their Discord, and downloading their app.

There are four missions available at this time: a tutorial, one for a project called TonGifts, and two for third-party crypto games that have partnered with Notcoin.

The team also posted on X to state that the APY on offer for the 4 missions available right now is a whopping 300%+ and with more missions announced this APY is likely to increase in the coming weeks and months.

If the Notcoin team keep up this momentum, they will be well positioned amongst the GameFi sector to lead the way as this bull market heats up in the wake of the ETH ETF approval.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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