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Need legal advice? Visit CoinLaw and pay with Bitcoin

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After CoinMD, there’s a new similar platform that intends to make the job of other professionals more accessible to everyone who needs legal help: welcome CoinLaw, a place where you can find lawyers from all over the world and ask them questions in exchange for Bitcoins.

The site was recently presented by the same team that developed CoinMD, a free service directed to people without easy access to quality health care, especially in third-world countries, allowing the users to easily connect with doctors.

Now, CoinLaw is here to help people who cannot afford an expensive lawyer, users who need a law advice related to a specific country and people who would like to stay anonymous. At CoinLaw, you can ask anything, “from an insignificant concern to something you think might be a serious problem”.

coinlaw_logo-2942de3b665ad1fb7978c7cfd3c5ae54“Our lawyers will try to understand your situation and recommend the best course of action. We have lawyers from different fields of law. However, we currently have lawyers from the United States and Europe only. You can still leave a question even if you are not from these regions. We plan to hire lawyers from all over the world“, the website explains.

Unlike CoinMD, which is free and just encourages Bitcoin donations, CoinLaw is a paid service that works in a simple way: “you ask a question, pay for it with Bitcoin, then a lawyer replies. If you don’t receive an answer or it didn’t help, we’ll happily refund you. (…) The amount you pay for a question is up to you. Just keep in mind that a lawyer is free to ignore your question unless the amount you paid is insufficient. The recommended amount is $30”.

The money goes to the lawyers, including students that can also join the platform, and a small commission is directed to the site, which also transfers some money to charity organizations.

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