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KnCMiner announces sale of Jupiter chips directly to the public

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The Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer KnCMiner has recently announced it is selling its Jupiter crunching chips to the public in sets of 200. The new purchasing option allows miners to replace chips instead of entire boards in case of malfunction or upgrade, while buying equipment at a low price.

The Jupiter 28 nm SHA256-crunching chips – which are being sold in sets of 200 at a cost of $5,400 and will ship from stock within 48 hours – were firstly made available to the public on Friday (15th).

See below a list of the hardware’s features:

  • 28 nm TSMC process
  • 192 hash engines (cores)
  • Designed to run at 0.9V core voltage
  • SPI communication interface
  • 55×55 mm FCLBGA package (ball count: 2,797)

“We understand that not everyone had the desire, or even wherewithal, to purchase new miners in order to keep up with hashing demands”, said KnCMiner’s CEO, Sam Cole.

With the release of these chips, it’s possible for miners to configure their boards and see a real-cost of below 15 cents per gigahash per second.

All the chips will arrived to their destination with technical descriptions on their ball-map and relevant documentation. According to the manufacturer, PCB boards and  DC/DC converters are not included and the orders are non-refundable.

According to a press release sent out by KnCMiner, “because of yield rate, the number of useable cores varies. Statistically, at least 70 percent of production at this level has contained chips with 100 percent usable cores. Up to 90 percent of all chips have 187 or more usable cores, with the rest of the chips varying below that number”.

However, this wasn’t the only news announced by KnCMiner during the past week. The Swedish company has announced that the production of its Titan line of scrypt miners is now in a new phase of development. According to the manufacturer’s blog, the chips are now in the wafer encapsulation phase.

Image: KnCMiner

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    I am not very in favour for mining. I left my PC once for a day mining and I earned a so small amount that it wasn’t even possible to be transferred. Very unefficient for private persons even if working in pools. I don’t know if jupiter chips are a good investment, but what I am certain is that bitcoin and all the other crypto currencies are very volatile and one can use this very well for doing a lot of money by trading. If one is good in making trading strategies and uses the good forecasting tools, he can get much more from trading that from mining. I think mined bitcoins are held more by big mining companies than by private persons. This is not very good for the decentralization quality of bitcoin. But it stills remains decentralized and I can use my financial experience and tools wich I can share with you on to get very good results from crypto trading.

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