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KNC Class Action Investigation Underway

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Attorney Charlotte C. Lin, of California an attorney who accepts various cryptocurrency for her services has announced that she is preparing an investigation in to a potential class action lawsuit against KNC Miner for possible breach of implied warranty of fitness, misrepresentation, and other violations of law by failing to offer a functional or usable product, false advertising; failing to deliver product within adequate time frame, and failing to give refund upon demand.

Under the terms of the advertised Titan, it should “Yield a minimum of 300 MH/s” and “purchasers shall also receive the Titan during Q3 of 2014” both of which have certainly been up for debate in the mining community at large.

The investigation relates to whether the Titan delivered hashing power below advertised, whether the Titans were delivered late, whether such violations breached its Implied Warranty of Fitness and whether KNCMiner made misrepresentations.

If you own a TitanScrypt Miner or know someone who does and wish to get more information contact Charlotte C. Lin of Law Office of Charlotte C. Lin toll-free at 1-866-KNC-2399 or visit the KNC Class action website at:

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  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoy this site. Probably one of the better Bitcoin news blogs out right now. Great relevant coverage.

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