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Gems Integrates Telegram Open Source

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The Gems development team, lead by Daniel Peled has announced a major move to help Gems reach a critical mass of users from the start.

“Secure Open Source code developed by Telegram helps us get to the market faster with all the messaging features, plus a critical mass of users with iOS and Android apps” said Peled.

Gems users will be able to message users who are using Telegram or third-party messaging apps built on Telegram which offers security such as secret chats (self destruct options) using end-to-end encryption and large Group Chats (up to 200) with sharing of media and even document files.

Gems development progress will have the added advantage of focusing all efforts towards the more important and innovative feature of Gems; the built-in Bitcoin/Gems wallet including the unique Airdrop referral program, and the Attention Rewards Economy model using unsolicited messages.

Peled went on to say, “The pace of Android development for GEMS was being questioned on the forums and we felt there was a gap that needed to be addressed. Momentum is important and we had to find a solution.”

Moving the GEMS Android app forward using Telegram is the best way for the Gems team to really move forward with the initiative of bringing secure messaging with a cryptocurrency on several platforms.

Those interested in Gems can learn more in our original feature found here.

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