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From restaurants to schools, from France to the US: five small businesses that accept Bitcoin

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By now, if you haven’t heard about Bitcoin, you haven’t been paying enough attention to the news. Yes, to the news, because Bitcoin is everywhere: on the newspaper, on television and, of course, online. Cryptocurrency is growing strong and 99Bitcoins chose the day when the digital coin broke the $600 barrier to present a short list of new businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a payment.

Bitcoin is still climbing the economy mountain, but it gets closer to the top every day. This Tuesday (19), not only the virtual coin broke a new milestone, but it also became the most searched word on Google Trends. While we wait for more news to be revealed about the hearings in Washington DC, let’s take a look at five businesses that recently started accepting Bitcoin.

1. Beautiful Taiwan Tea


This small business located in Zionsville (1217 W. Oak St.), Indiana, has recently started accepting Bitcoin. You can already pay with cryptocurrency at their brick and mortar store, but since they are based on the platform Shopify Bitcoin is also an online payment option. Beautiful Taiwan Tea imports special teas grown in small Chinese farms.

2. Le Petit Jardin


This small restaurant and flower shop in Los Angeles (1456 S. Roberston Blvd) started accepting Bitcoin with the help of a friend, who introduced the owners to the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Le Petit Jardin has been around for almost 20 years and might still be waiting for its first Bitcoin payment, since the news was recently announced. If you like cuisine inspired by the French and American traditions, visit this restaurant for brunch or dinner.

3.  A2Z School of English


This language school might be the first in the world to accept cryptocurrency. The A2Z School of English has branches in London, Manchester and Dublin and started accepting Bitcoin payments for its courses and accommodation on 5 November.

4. Kaufmann Media Group


Hollywood also wanted to have a say in this list. The film and television production and post-production studio Kaufmann Media Group (KMG) also accepts Bitcoin to boost upcoming projects, among series and movies.

5. Maki Wrap


This sushi stand located in the French city of Lyon has been accepting Bitcoin for a while. Maki Wrap is the name of this original establishment, where you can eat delicious sushi on the go.

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