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Danish Bitcoin exchange promises crime-free trade and higher security levels across the world

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After the Mt. Gox debacle, safety and trust became two of the major concerns of the Bitcoiners out there when it is time to choose an exchange. That is exactly why a new Bitcoin exchange – that will soon be launched in Denmark – is promising a crime-free service to its clients.

The goal of CCEDK Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS is to guarantee maximum security to the users, who will be able to trade cryptocurrency across the globe. The exchange’s official launching should happen this month and the platform will initially allow customers to trade Bitcoin and Litecoin against each other and in exchange for Danish and Norwegian kroner, British pounds, US dollars and Euros, revealed the company’s CEO, Ronny Boesing, quoted by Bloomberg.

But what is so different about Crypto Coins system? The exchange will operate in the same way as if it were supervised by real regulators. “Our strongest selling point will be that clients will know where we are, that the jurisdiction is Danish and that there’s complete transparency. We link to our lawyer on our website in case anyone feels they need one”, Boesing added.

Ronny Boesing

Besides, the exchange will keep 30 percent of its revenue aside in order to create a fund that can protect its clients from crime-related losses. This means that although the security measures used by the platform might be fallible, at least there will exist a buffer ready to shield the clients in case of capital loss due to some sort of criminal activity.

The only way people will be able to lose money on our exchange is as a result of an investment loss. They’re protected from criminal acts.

The platform’s CEO is making plans with his eyes on the future: “there could be a decision to regulate this kind of business in the future. We are also ready for that“. Cryptocurrency regulation could be a reality in Denmark sooner than it was expected.

In December, Denmark’s Financial Supervisory Authority said it was looking into that possibility, considering it a need and not a choice. At the time, the institution’s main legal adviser, Michael Landberg, talked about a possible “amendment to existing financial legislation” so that he country could have new regulation covering the world of cryptocurrency.

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