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Chain Radio Joins Coin Fire

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Coin Fire is pleased to announce that we’ve acquired Chain Radio and it will be relaunching in the next few weeks.

Chain Radio is an internet streaming radio station dedicated to cryptocurrency. We’ve been here for the development, launch, and struggles of the station for some time now and have watched the project development with anticipation for what is to come.

The station has been offline for just over a month as a result of a variety of technical issues. We’ve since been working with a team of seasoned internet radio experts, server administrators, and radio industry experts to prepare for relaunching the station.

One of the biggest spaces that Chain Radio could improve in is the real-time delivery of breaking news in the cryptocurrency space and we intend to help them fill this gap. Chain Radio will still feature the programming that listeners have come to expect with more of a focus on the real-time development in our exciting industry along with an expert team in the monetization space to help the station truly shine.

Chain Radio presents a wonderful opportunity for us to spread the reach of cryptocurrencies, in addition to keeping the cryptocurrency crowd informed with an emphasis on real-time events and reporting.

That is why we are not only committing more resources to the project via way of getting things back online, but also assembling a dedicated 24/7 news team to produce news pieces for the station featuring the latest in cryptocurrency news from Coin Fire and great cryptocurrency news sites.

We are also teaming up with BTC AD Network to offer a self-serve advertising platform that will allow listeners of the station to buy audio advertisements on the station nearly instantly.

We’ve got some very exciting developments coming down the pipe for Chain Radio, including  a relaunch date in the near future.

Coin Fire is a cryptocurrency news site started on June 6th of 2014. The site focused on hard-hitting investigative stories. Coin Fire was acquired by 99Bitcoins on October 2015.

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