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BTC AD Network Raises 100k

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Disclosure: Coin Fire brokers advertisement sales via the BTC AD Network platform. We do not have any ownership or stake in the advertising network and simply went with the best advertising network for our needs prior to this funding announcement.

A newly developed fund by the name of MOST INTERESTING  has come out of stealth mode and announced its first investment.

The company, BTC AD Network is a cryptocurrency company building advertising solutions for cryptocurrency sites.

The seed amounts to a value of $100,000 USD and is the first investment made in the advertising network. MOST INTERESTING stated on a blog post that they became interested in the network because of the drive of the founding team and the vision to disrupt the advertising industry.

The company’s COO Tiffany told Coin Fire that they aren’t just looking at display advertisements,

We want to disrupt advertisements in print, television, radio, streaming radio and much more. We want to use cryptocurrency to disrupt those spaces. Cryptocurrency is perfect for small transactions between two companies and we hope to leverage that to power a new generation of advertising platforms and products.

What other platforms the company will build remains to be seen but the investment in to the company adds to a long list of companies accepting venture funds in the cryptocurrency industry.

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  1. The most interesting part about this is the private domain registration from just 2 days prior. Most stealth startups at least register their names so they don’t get stolen and don’t mind disclosing who they are.

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