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Bitcoin might be Edward Snowden’s new best friend

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After warning the entire world about the north-American megalomaniac spying system, Edward Snowden is probably doomed. The former CIA and NSA analyst is currently living in a Russian airport, waiting for invites like the one made by Venezuela and deciding where he should go look for asylum.

On June 23rd, he flew out of Hong Kong and landed in Moscow, at the Sheremetyevo airport, where he still remains, especially because his passport was revoked by US authorities.

From now on, he can’t have a bank account, a passport or a credit card. So, what is left for Edward Snowden? Maybe Bitcoin… The world’s most famous cryptocurrency for the world’s most famous (and now most admired) spy and also traitor, according to the American government.

Assuming he knows the basics about Bitcoin and taking into account that he is a computer expert, the virtual currency can be the answer to some of his problems once he’s settled. Bitcoin would provide him some of the freedom and anonymity he needs, without having the USA’s authorities always looking over his shoulder.

For now, Edward Snowden will probably stay in Russia. Besides Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua have also offered asylum to the spy, but the first country seems to be Snowden’s best chance, at least according to a well-known Russian parliament member. Alexei Pushkov, head of the international affairs committee in Russia’s parliament, published a tweet saying “Venezuela is waiting for an answer from Snowden. This, perhaps, is his last chance to receive political asylum”.

At the same time, the USA’s government is not happy, of course. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said recently that the disclosures about the country’s surveillance programs have undermined the relationship between America and several other countries, affecting “the importance of trust” between nations.

It’s a shame that Argentina isn’t inviting Snowden to stay with him. He would have a lot of help in the Bitcoin world there, since the meetups in Buenos Aires are a success, with more than 180 people.

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