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New safer Bitcoin hardware wallet from Trezor starts being delivered in October

The first real serialized Bitcoin hardware wallet is here and deliveries should start next month. Bitcoin Examiner reported the pre-order period of the device back in June and Trezor fulfilled its promises: the company is now close to deliver its first wallets to the customers.

What’s a hardware wallet?

Unlike software wallets, this different type of storage space for your Bitcoin allows the users to store their crypto-coins off of personal computers. However, they can similarly transfer Bitcoins with Trezor as they would do with a software wallet, as long as the Trezor device is connected to a computer via USB (without letting the computer access private information.

The new safety features announced by this hardware wallet could mean an upgrade in the users’ safety levels. As stated by Gavin Andresen, in June, wallet security will be the community’s largest concern in the near future. The lead developer of Bitcoin-Qt says that “hardware devices like the Trezor that cannot be infected by malware will make holding Bitcoins as easy and secure as holding paper money. They are an exciting step in the evolution of Bitcoin from an experiment for geeks to a payment system anybody can use”.

Tony Gallipi, from BitPay, agrees: “a hardware wallet will help add extra security to Bitcoin. It provides safe, secure storage for any business or person who wishes to hold Bitcoin”.

Trezor is based in Prague and led by Marek Palatinus, more known as ‘Slush’ in the Bitcoin universe. Palatinus is the mind behind pooled mining and currently operates one of the largest pools, said to control around 10 percent of the Bitcoin network’s total hash rate. The company’s first product, the Trezor hardware wallet, has two different versions.

Trezor Metallic
  • brushed aluminum version with guarantee of great durability
  • the first one to be launched, in October
  • it costs 3 BTC
  • free shipping


trezor-colors1Trezor Classic
  • plastic-encased model
  • will be officially launched in November
  • it costs 1 BTC
  • free shipping

Trezor will be a major improvement on the security field for Bitcoin. Of course, the devices will still need to undergo several tests -especially when it comes to its hardware random number generator and compatibility with different types of software – before it is ready to be adopted by the majority of the Bitcoiners. However, the company developing this technology seems pretty confident they are near a breakthrough that can change the way we store our Bitcoins.


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