New patent awarded to Amazon could bring big changes to the Bitcoin ecosystem


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Although the latest statements made by the giant Amazon revealed the company was not inclined to accept Bitcoin in the near future, a new patent awarded to one of the world’s biggest the e-commerce platforms might change that

The patent refers to a new payment system developed to work with Amazon’s cloud computing service, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Some might argue that the new system was not specifically designed for Bitcoin. However, there is one very interesting clause in the patent that raises questions:

Various types of digital cash, electronic money, or cryptocurrency can be used, such as Bitcoins provided by the Bitcoin P2P Currency System.

According to The Coin Front, this seems to suggest that a future where Amazon becomes Bitcoin-friendly might not be that far away.

The truth is that – even after big names like TigerDirect, Overstock or DISH – if Amazon finally decided to embrace cryptocurrency, that would mean a lot to the world of digital economy. For now we will have to keep waiting.

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