Bitcoin Adoption Alliance aims to increase Bitcoin adoption through prize giveaways

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Last updated on October 13th, 2017 at 10:51 pm

What are you doing to increase the number of merchants who accept bitcoins? While it’s great that huge e-commerce companies like Dell, TigerDirect, Overstock, and Newegg are accepting bitcoin (along with at least 5,000 other businesses around the world), the majority of establishments still don’t accept bitcoins or even know what the advantages of accepting it are.

Maybe it’s seen as too confusing or risky, or maybe businesses just don’t think they have any customers who use bitcoin. Either way, if you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, getting the word out to your favorite businesses is critical for its growth. Merchants listen to their customers, especially their loyal ones.

In case global Bitcoin domination isn’t enough incentive to spread the word to your favorite businesses, the newly formed Bitcoin Adoption Alliance (BAA) is running a campaign that provides prizes to those who spread the word of Bitcoin to businesses.

Simply by telling your favorite business (online or not) about how they could benefit from Bitcoin, and posting the e-mail or conversation in the dedicated thread, you’re eligible to win a prize.

Because the campaign is only a week old, prizes are currently somewhat limited. But one of the men behind the campaign, CryptoPanda, who is also the founder of the bitcoin-based slot machine site, said that he expects more sponsors join on, which will grow the prize pool.

The current prize pool consists of the following, which are awarded once for every page in the thread:

– Free 0.02 BTC for the no registration slot machine

– Free 0.02 BTC from fellow forum user “eternalgloom”.

– A cool Bitcoin cap from

There are currently only two pages in the thread, so two prizes have been given out in the one week since the campaign began.

The concept behind the campaign is quite simple and described below:

  • Organic adoption has been good, but instead of waiting for it passively, why not push it a little?
  • A lot of people have heard about bitcoin, but most need to hear it multiple times before considering it.
  • It’s natural for most business owners to listen to their customers, especially the regular ones. They are in the best position to make the change.
  • Even something as simple as a conversation or e-mail could work, especially when several customers do it. Real life examples are important because that’s how people accept new stuff easier.
  • It’s important for everything to be posted in the thread so that it’s transparent and so it inspires others, gives them ideas on what to say, and it’s a visual representation for progress being done.
  • Users benefit because they get free stuff. Sponsors benefit because they get free (or cheap) exposure.
  • And as a result, the whole bitcoin ecosystem moves forward. It’s a win-win-win!

If you are a company interested in helping further Bitcoin adoption, consider what prizes you can offer, and head on over to the thread to join the movement. The following are the instructions for sponsors:

1. Post what prize you will give once for every page this thread makes
2. I will add your prize and link to your website on the first post
3. Monitor the thread and pick one winner for every page
4. Just quote the one you choose to win and let him know how to claim the prize.


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