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New Bitcoin Foundation chapter affiliate is from Romania

The Bitcoin Foundation has a new affiliate in Romania, the first in Eastern Europe. Although the chapter affiliate Fundatia Bitcoin Romania is not the first in the continent – it is actually the fourth in Europe after Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands -, it is certainly the first in this region.

The new affiliate has the same goals as the previous members of the programme: to educate the public on the benefits of Bitcoin, and help spread the adoption of the digital currency among merchants.

Victor Cazacu, board member of Fundatia Bitcoin Romania (along with Dragos Birsan, Daniel Daia, Radu Georgescu, Edward Russell and Cezar Zamfir), believes “that Bitcoin is at point where everyone who believes in it – be it the currency or protocol – needs to work together to help it move forward“.

The partnership with the global foundation is our first step in this direction. Our main goals are to support Bitcoin in the region and to educate people about the potential of this technology.

The Romanian foundation is known for implementing Bitcoin-related courses at the Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti and TechHub, according to NewsBTC.


However, the affiliate institution wants to work with more educational institutions spread across the country, a goal supported by the Bitcoin Foundation. Mark Woods, affiliate director of the Bitcoin Foundation, says that “engaging universities and students is important to the foundation and we’re pleased to see how successful and professional Fundatia Bitcoin Romania has been in their approach”.

Very recently the Bitcoin Foundation signed another affiliate, this one located in Bangladesh. The chapter is the institution’s first partner in South Asia.

Featured image source: Wikimedia

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