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New Bitcoin exchange kicks-off on New Year’s Eve

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The new and “revolutionary” exchange Atomic Trade is almost ready to launch, allowing the users to trade in Bitcoin and Litecoin, among other coins, for deposits made in US dollars.

The platform’s website is currently sporting a counter that shows the exchange will start operating after the end of this year. “Atomic Trade is integrated with a high speed distributed cache and microsoft sql server enterprise which enables it to host a virtually unlimited user capacity”, according a press release.

Besides, the exchange will assure a continuous service thanks to its multi-tiered system. “If a server goes offline more will spool up to take its place or scale back during times of low usage”, the company explains.

Atomic Trade guarantees a “hack proof” system, as well. “The password storage system does not store passwords, instead it utilizes a unique hash key that is generated for each user’s password”, the platform reveals. Besides, its coin wallets, database and trade engine are “only accessible by designated servers in the same private network”. A two factor authentication option will also be available thanks to Authy.

Atomic Trade will also feature a global live chat system managed by a team of administrators.

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2 comments on “New Bitcoin exchange kicks-off on New Year’s Eve”

  1. This is the second Bitcoin exchange in Bulgaria after BTC-e, but their technical info makes me ROFL! “Revolutionary” in what aspect? In using hashed passwords or using cloud computing that’s been around for nearly a decade? What newcomers don’t get is that the most important things about any marketplace is liquidity! Kraken is one of the best exchanges and, yet, nobody serious is using it as it has very low liquidity. Same with CampBX and many others. It will be hard for anyone to challenge BTC-e, Bitstamp, and MtGox and the nearly 10 exchanges in China, which have more than 70% of Bitcoin transactions in the world.

    1. If a second one feels it can exist that speaks volumes for BTC-e as well since it isn’t too hard to imagine BTC-e get railroaded by whatever powers that be in that area. With a second one, it may show that local government isn’t sharpening its knives. Hate to see it go the way of silk road.. Kraken needs to keep fighting to allow USD.. that’s their burden to bear. If they do, they will reap rewards

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