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New .bit Registrar Offering Free Domains

Namecoin was the first fork of Bitcoin and offers one of the more unique feature sets.

Namecoin powers a unique DNS system that is immutable, open source, and secure.

Users of Namecoin have the added benefit of being able to use .bit domains such as

Registration of a .bit domain typically requires a user download and install the Namecoin client, use some coins and make a purchase. While the cost of .bit domains is low and fairly democratized it still requires the effort from the user to download the client, receive some coins, and register and prepare a domain.

New service is hoping to make that process entirely easier and is offering users a free .bit domain to get started in the Namecoin ecosystem.

The company is offering registrations after the first free one for approximately $1 worth of BTC making it far cheaper than traditional domain registrations and cheaper than many other companies in the .bit registration space. The company also boasts an integration with allowing customers to pay with several other cryptocurrencies.

The new cryptocurrency startup was bootstrapped by an 18 year old cryptocurrency enthusiast named Daniel who is interested in computer science and wanted to contribute something to the digital currency space. Daniel is working with another young cryptocurrency enthusiast on building out the service whom he connected with on reddit.

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  1. Bitcoin Marketing Agency

    I definitely have a load of namecoin stashed away in a wallet somewhere, I will have to go and root them out and give this a go 🙂

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