Neo & Bee share resumes trading at 0.001 BTC

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Last updated on April 4th, 2014 at 07:38 pm

In the middle of controversy surrounding the firm and its CEO, Cyprus-based bitcoin payment network Neo & Bee of Cyprus continued trading on Havelock Investments today.

Buy and sell orders for the NEOBEE fund resumed at 5PM EST after six days of suspended trading on April 4. At when trading started, the share price dropped to 0.0001 BTC (around $0.05 at the time of writing).

On March 28, Havelock stopped trading of Neo & Bee on its site because of what was then termed as “questionable trading activity.”

Earlier today, the exchange announced that Neo & Bee’s ticker name would be altered from NEOBEE to NEOBEEQ.

Havelock noted in the announcement that it had not obtained an update from Neo & Bee as of yet.

“Financial information on the status of the company [Neo & Bee] has not been released. The units of this Fund will continue to trade even if the company will file for bankruptcy,” said Havelock in the statement.

Neo & Bee is a bitcoin payment system founded in Cyprus by CEO Danny Brewster. The company offers wallets and cards to both consumers and businesses.

Source: newsBTC


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