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Myriad's EasyMiner Brings Myriadcoin to New Markets

The Myriadcoin team released EasyMiner Beta v1 today, marking the beginning of its campaign to bring Myriad mining to new markets beyond those currently comprising the cryptocurrency scene. We believe reaching out to new markets will help Myriad progress as a currency, as a financial liberator, and as an investment vehicle. By providing newcomers with a tool that makes mining no more complicated than setting up iTunes, Myriadcoin and its multi-proof-of-work framework will embody fair distribution and thriving opportunity in areas Bitcoin mining is no longer able to reach.

What is Myriadcoin’s EasyMiner?

EasyMiner is a software package with an over-the-top name designed to remove all the painstaking, torturous technological spellcastings an average person feels they have to perform in order to mine those “magic coins like Bitcoin“. Still in beta (but working!), the Easy Miner package includes the latest auto-tuning mining software for Myriadcoin’s 4 GPU or CPU algorithms (Skein, Scrypt, Myriad-Groestl, and Qubit), Myriad’s Electrum wallet for fast and easy access to mined coins, and p2pool connections for each algorithm. EasyMiner v1 does not include mining software for SHA256d, Myriad’s fifth algorithm, because it is assumed that newcomers are not aware of what ASICs are at this juncture.

How does it make Myriadcoin mining easier?

The new user simply downloads the software, unzips it to a folder, and clicked the file the says “RunMeToMine”. The program prompts the user to update their latest video card drivers (if necessary) and to write down their Electrum seed (and why it’s so important!) if this is their first time installing it. After these two book-keeping aspects, the user then simply selects which algorithm to mine in a final prompt by pressing the number (1-4) corresponding to the algorithm in the menu. The proper mining software runs, connects to the proper p2pool, and auto-tunes itself on the fly according to the user’s CPU or GPU capacities. So from the user’s perspective all they need to do is update a driver (maybe), write down some words, and press a number to start mining Myriadcoins? With no knowledge of how mining works? With no massive hunting for proper configuration files based on their GPU model and algorithm? No searching for pools and figuring out how to join, how to edit their bat files, and how to configure payments to their wallets address? No ten-hour loading of their Myriadcoin wallet before they can use it or start seeing payments come in? Easy!

What’s next for Myriadcoin’s EasyMiner?

We still need beta testers to help us find bugs and offer suggestions as they try to re-live what it was like figuring out how to mine for the first time. We also need Linux and Mac users to help get the software working on their respective PCs (EasyMiner only works for Windows 2000+ 32- and 64-bit so far). Nvidia support still needs to be added (it only works on CPUs and AMD GPUs so far). We’d like to get some nice GUIs and graphics to help make the mining process more visually appealing to the new user as well. More information and download links for Myriad’s EasyMiner Beta v1 can be found on our website here:

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