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My Mining Setup

I have recently stopped GPU mining as the network has made it much too difficult for me to mine without the use of ASICs. I invested in several miners from Butterfly Labs and have received the first of my Little Single SCs. The Little Single SC puts out 30 GH/s and currently generates around half a bitcoin per day. I am awaiting delivery for another Little Single SC and Single SC that will bring my combined hashing rate to around 120 GH/s.

I have stopped using my GPU miners as I live in a warm climate with high peak electricity costs, and with my BFL ASIC Setup, it felt like I was spitting into the ocean with GPUs while they are in the shadow of my ASIC setup next to it running 100 times faster than each of my GPUs.

In the past people have compare the price of their electricity being higher than the value of the BTC they mine, and even though the difficulty is constantly rising, I would remind you that there were many people who said they missed the boat on bitcoins and sold all of their hardware while bitcoins were worth less than a dollar. So at the time of this article being written, the bitcoin is worth $100 and you can easily cover the cost of your electricity with an ASIC, many people believe that a single bitcoin has the potential to be worth thousands down the road. Like any investment, there are no guarantees and you shouldn’t invest more than you can afford to lose. I am in for the long haul, and will continue to invest what I can afford.

Good luck and happy mining!

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  1. MarketIsChanging

    Does your Little Single SC still generate ‘about half a bitcoin per day’? Your article post date isn’t stated but you mention $100 per BC – at Dec 2013 this is much higher…

    As a ‘newbie’ – can you run several ASICs on one Linux box? I would tend to go for a Centos or Ubuntu box as they will stay up for sooo much longer than Window$ box.

  2. Hi there im thinking about to buy asic 50gh/s System Form butterfly… since u mentioned u geht about a half bc a Day with ur 30 gh/s what do u get these days ?

    I read some where that a guy with 3 radeon gpus got about 1 1/2 bcs a day in 2010/2011 if im not mistaking

    PS writing from a phone with german Auto correction on sux

  3. I travel in hotels a lot…is there a machine out there that acts like a portable ASIC miner? Thinking that could be a great way to save on electricity.

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