Music sharing website accepts Bitcoin donations for the artists

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am is the name of the music sharing platform that allows you to listen to new music created by unknown artists and donate some of your Bitcoins to help them if you really like their work. Although the website has a really plain appearance, the idea is quite interesting.

The platform lets you listen to new music or to its top rated creations anytime and you don’t even have to register if you just want to enjoy a couple of songs. However, if you register you can either post your music, if you’re an artist, or get information about the songs you’re listening to and also the opportunity of helping your favourite artists with some Bitcoins, if you’re a listener.

The website is completely runned by the users, so “there’s no advertising influence or popularity to give people a false impression of the quality of their music. It’s rated by normal people and can be completely anonymous if you so chose”.

“We’re about supporting new music and providing a transparent system of music publishing. It’s free to post music and free to listen“, explains

But what about their decision to use Bitcoin? “Merchant providers work with credit card companies. They’re powerful and they make it easy to give money and take it back soon afterwards. We don’t want to put anyone at risk of having to repay donations, leaving someone who might’ve spent it, in debt. Bitcoin is like electronic cash. Keep it safe. Keep it secure. Every decision is set in stone and the reliability is unprecedented. Bitcoin allows us to give you the opportunity to donate to some of the musicians you like. Your money goes straight to them, the creator of the music you’re enjoying”, the platform adds.

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