Mt. Gox loses market majority: exchange’s share has been below 50 percent for a week

What once was the biggest exchange in the Bitcoin ecosystem, controlling over 80 percent of the market share, has been suffering a gradual loss in the last months: the platform is now responsible for less than 50 percent of the market transactions and it has been like that for an entire week.

According to the latest numbers revealed by, Mt. Gox now has a market share of 49.71 percent, regarding the last seven days of operations. Although the total volume of transactions is relatively low – 218,646 BTC were traded during this period -, the numbers are representative of the reality.

And if you check the data from the last 24 hours, the situation gets even darker for Mt. Gox with only 39.83 percent of the transactions, among 24,169 BTC traded.

On the other side, Bitstamp, which recently improved its identity verification and security systems with GBGroup’s technology, keeps growing. The exchange has been managing 27.17 percent of the market for the past week.

In third place comes BTC-E with 10.17 percent of the market share and, in fourth, BTC China with 7.73 percent.

Although some users report an improvement in the usually slow transactions operated by Mt. Gox, the Japan-based company is still having to deal with some operating problems and customer complaints. To fix some of them, the company has recently started self-hosting with Akamai and has a new trading engine, called Midas, almost ready to be released.

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I dont get why people cant see that mtgox on purpose are sabotaging their own earnings by continueing to be useless, to save the community from price fluctuations because of one exchange having the mayority of the trade.