More Bitcoin in London: The Old Shoreditch Station now accepts virtual currency

London is clearly turning into a Bitcoin-loving city. Well, not only London, but a big part of the United Kingdom. First, it was the Haymakers pub, located in Cambridge, and then some other bars, like the group Individual Pubs, following the crypto-trend and accepting Bitcoin. Well, now it’s time for the Old Shoreditch Station to become part of the team.

This well-known coffee shop, near Silicon Roundabout, in London, is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The bar and exhibition venue is known for being located in a decommissioned train station, but now its reputation has even more reasons to grow, attracting more and more tech-savvy customers.

“We are a forward-thinking business and have always prided ourselves on supporting all things progressive, be it products, artists or brands. Also, I am a big nerd and I love the idea of living in a Star Trek-like unified future – a borderless currency seemed like a step in the right direction“, says the managing director at The Old Shoreditch Station. Nick Letchford reveals that he was talked into accepting Bitcoin during a trip between Perpignan, in France, and London, when he met a Bitcoin evangelist.

Although he’s still not completely familiarized with all the details about Bitcoin, he thinks it will “ultimately help address all manner of problems” the developed world will face in a near future. For now, the Bitcoin payment system is fully running at The Old Shoreditch Station: “it’s early days, but so far no worries. To be honest, it’s as easy as doing a credit card transaction”.


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