Mizuho Bank added as a defendant to lawsuit against Mt. Gox


Mizuho Bank, one of the biggest Japanese lenders, is now a piece of the Mt. Gox puzzle. The bank was added as a defendant to an existing lawsuit against the bankrupt exchange for allegedly providing banking services to the exchange and consequently aiding in a fraud.

Mizuho held fiat currency on behalf of Mt. Gox and its customers, according to the Chicago Tribune. The information was added to the lawsuit by Gregory Greene, a man from Illinois who claims to have lost $25,000 due to the downfall of the Japanese exchange. The complaint accuses the bank of profiting from the fraud and knowing about Mt. Gox’s intentions.

Although Mt. Gox says it lost 750,000 of its customers’ BTC due to a hacking attack, many users believe a massive case of fraud is to blame.

Besides all the lawsuits filed in the United States, a group of Canadian Bitcoiners has also filed a class action against Mt. Gox and Mizuho in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

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Maria Santos

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