Microwallet.org Shutting Down

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

Microwallet.org a withdraw only service that powers literally hundreds of bitcoin faucet sites has announced it will be closing it’s doors soon.

The site which has served the community since it’s creation in November of 2013 today announced that it was up for sale and that the site would be closing soon.

Coin Fire learned of the closing early this morning after the Microwallet site went offline for a brief period of time earlier in the week.

Today a message was posted on the Microwallet.org site that the site’s source code is for sale for 4BTC. The message can be read here: https://www.microwallet.org/index/sale

We are unsure if this purchase includes the domain name but based on the description listed on the site it appears the owner is simply selling the source code and not the Microwallet.org domain.

At the time of press Coin Fire has reached out for comment but has not yet received a response. While the site simply lists that it is currently for sale Coin Fire has confirmed that the actual service is in fact being closed down after a post was made by the owner on Bitcoin Talk stating:


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  1. Scammed by MicroWallet.org on

    So what about my 3000 satoshis that i used to have on my microwallet account, who is gonna pay me? im very mad

    • Hi,

      Well, given that your loss is only about 39 cents US at the current price, it could have been a lot worse… Think of it as inexpensive “school fees.” Much better to lose an amount like this than the mulit-millions which people have lost due to fraud, hacks and errors.

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