Messaging service raises more than $120,000 through Bitcoin and PayPal

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

Peter Sunde, co-founder of the website Pirate Bay, really didn’t like to know about PRISM. So, two days ago, he launched the idea of an online communication service able to protect users’ messages from the north-American surveillance technology used by the NSA and other security institutions.

Now, the project, called – which means “secret” in Swedish – seems headed for success. The team needed $100,000, but after a couple of days they already have $122,252, donated by 8250 backers, according to their official website. Donors were able to donate Bitcoins, use PayPal and also Flattr to transfer other currencies and they surely heard Peter Sunde’s call.


The application, intended for devices with iOS and Android, establishes safe conversations between two points, without anyone intercepting it. “Nothing is ever 100 percent secure. There will not be any way for someone without access to your phone to read anything, but with access to your phone they can of course read the messages. Just as they can use any other app you have installed”, the developers explain on their website.

The guys are still accepting donations. So, in case you want to leave some digital coins, this is their Bitcoin address: 1HhXEHQHgi4yfgyRKYbPZBxHirYMfN5cuJ.

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