Meet Pay With Bits, the new hottest app to exchange Bitcoins

It’s not that surprising when we tell you that apps are starting to appear around Bitcoins. One of them was recently presented at Disrupt NY hackathon. It’s called Pay With Bits and it allows Bitcoins’ transferences via mobile phones between two parties.

The app was created by names such as Cody Byrnes, Prateek Gupta, Jon Bardin, Ben Daniel, Brett Mascavage and Brad Smith.

All well-known faces in the tech world. Byrnes is a developer at COG1 Interactive, Smith is director of engineering at RadiumOne and the rest of the guys are the minds behind

According to Brad Smith, Pay With Bits is just their attempt to make Bitcoin accessible for everyone. All you got to do is enter your Bitcoin account information on the new platform and you’re good to go: you can even send money through text messages to any other person who is also registered at Pay With Bits.

With this app, users can also do international transferences with maximum safety in just a few minutes, without having to pay any bank or credit card charges from a bank or credit card, only a small fee. In a near future, Brad Smith wants to add NFC capabilities to the app.


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