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Matt Allen, founder of BitcoinStarter: new feature “will allow you to crowdfund in Bitcoins through Reddit”

The world needs more projects related to Bitcoin, at least that’s the general opinion in the cryptocurrency universe. That was one of the reasons that led Matt Allen to create a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform for the digital community.

Today, his vision has become a reality thanks to BitcoinStarter, the amazing page where creators can submit their projects and try to gather the necessary crypto-funds to make them happen and also where the Bitcoin users can donate part of their virtual wealth to help their favorite ideas.

The website was launched back in April and it’s a true success, with new projects joining every day. So, Bitcoin Examiner decided to talk with Matt Allen and discovered some great news about a new feature that mixes the powers of BitcoinStarter and Reddit.


Why did you start this project?

Matt Allen – Here is my vision: there was a need in the Bitcoin community to provide a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform. wants to introduce Bitcoin to the world through this medium of payment. We feel Bitcoin is a game changer when you tie in the principle of how crowdfunding works for pledging to projects, especially when using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin which can handle small to large amounts of pledges instantly with no fee.

Picture for a moment the one-off idea the world wants yet there’s no traditional crowdfunding platform, say like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, that will take your project on nor do these platforms allow you to choose to be funded in Bitcoin as the preferred payment. BitcoinStarter represents the future of how projects will receive funding: A payment system that allows people to do the smallest of micro-payments instantly and free anywhere in the world. As nations clamp down on the Internet and payment systems such as PayPal, Visa and Mastercard honor requests from governments, we need a way to allow projects to continue to receive funding wherever they are and BitcoinStarter supports this.

The platform only receives Bitcoin donations?

At the moment it is only Bitcoins. We are going to integrate other cryptocurrency shortly, such as Litecoin.

People can pitch any kind of projects, not only Bitcoin-related, right?

Yes, the projects don’t have to be Bitcoin related projects, they could be anything at the moment.

What’s the most famous or biggest project your platform ever hosted?

Our most famous project probably was DEFCAD search. They had listed it the first week we were up but Cody Wilson, the creator of the project, was getting worldwide news regarding his projects at the time. We had some of the largest increase of users at that time.

Are you planning to add any new feature to BitcoinStarter in a near future?

We have a cool feature being developed at the moment that will allow you to crowdfund in Bitcoins through Reddit. We think this is pretty cool in that people can post their projects on Reddit and expect it to get funded without even leaving Reddit.  We really think it’s pretty cool.

Regarding a more general picture, what do you think will be the future of Bitcoin?

Honestly, I believe cryptocurrency  is a total game changer. I think it will sit beside fiat as an alternative to it and eventually there will be a tipping point and least pass of resistance where cryptocurrency will eventually take over.

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  1. I can say this is an important and needed thing.
    I tried to put my project (Open-Transactions) on Kickstarter a while back, and they rejected me, saying that my project was “inappropriate” for their platform.
    So much for Kickstarter…

    1. bitcoinstarter

      This is why this was built. Pretty much to take one’s deemed “inappropriate” by platforms. Like Bitcoin itself, BitcoinStarter would like to be rebel of crowdfunding.

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