MasterCard Denies PayCoin Partnership


On February 25th, 2015 Mr. Garza posted on the Hashtalk forums a screenshot of an email that he purports is the start of a partnership with MasterCard.

In multiple forum posts Mr. Garza would state in a thread title, I love good news in the morning

Screenshot 2015-02-25 16.38.10

Screenshot 2015-02-25 16.37.12

Screenshot 2015-02-25 16.37.03

The posts from Mr. Garza implied a partnership had been verbally committed in regards to PayCoin. He would also clarify that it was Paycoin who had a deal with MasterCard.

Two members of the Coin Fire team reached out to MasterCard asking about the partnership and received a statement from Mr. Seth Eisen from the MasterCard Corporate and Public Affairs Communications department stating,

I want to clarify that MasterCard does not have a relationship with PayBase/PayCoin.

While Mr. Garza or his affiliates could potentially be working with a MasterCard branded bank for the debit card it however is not working directly with MasterCard as implied by Mr. Garza’s posts on the HashTalk forums.

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  1. I can’t believe dumb people still fall for obvious scams like Paycoin. If you fall for this scam you are really fucking stupid. It is ibvious that hashtalk is full of sockpuppet accounts made by Garza to pump his scam and a few dumb teenagers actually fell for this shit. It’s not too late to call the police and tell them you got scammed, even better if you are located in the same place Garza is , authorities would have jurusdiction there to arrest him.

  2. This is the least professional and worst thought out article I’ve read in the cryptonews world.. EVER. Not only is it a blatant attack on a specific currency, but the person referenced from MasterCard would NOT have knowledge of negotiations, nor would they be allowed to reveal details. As well.. BOTH responses fit fine with what Mr Garza has said.. there is NO CARD program… right they are in negotiations..
    This drivel is assinine

  3. I sincerely hope the email displayed from MasterCard is real as I work for MasterCard i will investigate this tomorrow morning…to use Mastercard logo in away that may damage the reputation of another company is something we will not tolerate

  4. Like anyone is naive to believe MasterCard would ever work with this crook, not only is he sleazy but what does he bring to the table for MC anyway? Why wouldn’t they just go with Bitcoin?

  5. Didnt the ceo of mastercard release a video last quarter talking about how bad cryptocurrency is? LMAO what kind of fool would thing GAW would change their mind in a month. I’ll add that to the list of:
    -20 floor
    -speaking at miami conference
    -buy back program
    -buy XPY for CC

    Literally 0 fulfilled promises.

    • $20 floor did last for about 2-3 minutes at least, maybe 10, not sure, I was not there. Assholes out there signed up with multiple accounts and maxed out the $700 sells which just burned through the fund. They didn’t quite expect so many people cashing out and esp not 1 person signing up for 10 accounts.

      using cc to buy xpy is still quite possible and so is the buy back program.

  6. You’ve got to feel for this Mike bloke, did Josh shag his mum or kill his pet gerbil or something? Get a grip mate, it’s your obsession with GAW is beyond pathetic.

  7. AlwaysSceptical on

    Mike if you are on such good terms with Seth that he even apologise for not getting back to you immediately I am sure he would not mind responding from a tweet from you to confirm via his official Twitter account?

    This screenshot of denial is as much worth as the screenshot of confirmation by Garza.

  8. Coinfried Moron on

    Note A professional would not use blue for a font color…
    Must have been an issue matching to the original email font. One of the worst obvious lying sites this is.

  9. Coinfried Moron on

    You are such a fucking child. News tbis big about a denial and you only write barely a proper two paragraph story lol. Fucking idiot. Of course (MC) they will respond sayin nothing… They are fucking with you HAHAHAHA.

  10. brokeXPYinvestor on

    I’m so surprised that HJ Garza lied! I’m dumping all my XPY as I type this. I’ve had it with his lies. Thanks Mike for once again bringing us the truth. If I wasn’t in the poor house from investing in XPY I would leave you a nice tip.

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