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MasterCard Denies PayCoin Partnership

On February 25th, 2015 Mr. Garza posted on the Hashtalk forums a screenshot of an email that he purports is the start of a partnership with MasterCard.

In multiple forum posts Mr. Garza would state in a thread title, I love good news in the morning

The posts from Mr. Garza implied a partnership had been verbally committed in regards to PayCoin. He would also clarify that it was Paycoin who had a deal with MasterCard.

Two members of the Coin Fire team reached out to MasterCard asking about the partnership and received a statement from Mr. Seth Eisen from the MasterCard Corporate and Public Affairs Communications department stating,

I want to clarify that MasterCard does not have a relationship with PayBase/PayCoin.

While Mr. Garza or his affiliates could potentially be working with a MasterCard branded bank for the debit card it however is not working directly with MasterCard as implied by Mr. Garza’s posts on the HashTalk forums.

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  1. And here is how Coinfire investigates, amazing!!! run run smoking gun, let see, now you have insider, OMG he works for MC.

  2. $20 floor did last for about 2-3 minutes at least, maybe 10, not sure, I was not there. Assholes out there signed up with multiple accounts and maxed out the $700 sells which just burned through the fund. They didn’t quite expect so many people cashing out and esp not 1 person signing up for 10 accounts.

    using cc to buy xpy is still quite possible and so is the buy back program.

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