Looking to work and get paid in Bitcoin? Here are six websites that can help you

With the Bitcoin madness growing every day, why not start working in exchange of cryptocurrency? Seems like a great idea, especially if you’re a freelance worker.

That it why Bitcoin Examiner wants to show you six amazing platforms that can help you discover job opportunities and get paid with the most famous virtual coin in the world. According to CottonTailMarketing.com, these are some of the best online places to look for work and get special rewards.

1. Bittask.com


It’s probably the most well-known platform of its kind. Bittask.com, popularly known as Work For Bitcoin, reached 10,000 registered users back in July and is super simple to use, whether you need work paid in Bitcoins or you need a professional that can work for you.

2. Coinality.com


A platform very similar to the previous option. In this case, Coinality is now offering a reward of 0.005 BTC to any employer who posts a job offer. The reward is temporary and intends to promote the website, so if you have a job and need a professional, why not take the chance?

3. BitGigs.com


BitGigs.com is one of the favourite platforms for professionals that want to offer their services in exchange of Bitcoin. The diversity of jobs is also bigger here, not so focused on the cryptocurrency and technology fields.

4. Bitcoinjobs.com


This platform is a bit different from the previous websites, operating as a free and collaborative job board. However, it’s always good to know every alternative.

5. Bitcointalk.org


The forum BitcoinTalk.org has a useful services board where you can look for jobs around the world that are paid in Bitcoins.

6. Reddit – Jobs4Bitcoins.com


The platform Reddit also has a services board called Jobs4Bitcoins, where users can post their job offers or announce they are looking for a job in their field of expertise.

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