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Liquid Bootstrapping Pools: Here’s Why LBPs Are Best Way to WAGMI Via Presales

Discover Fjord Foundry's new Liquid Bootstrapping Pools (LBP presales) and discover new 10x return presale opportunities in the dive-deep.

Presales are big talk in 2024, and Fjord Foundry has launched a new presale mechanism – Liquid Bootstrapping Pools – but what are LBP presales and how do LBP-launched tokens perform? Find out in this LBP deep-dive.

Presales, private sales, seed rounds, whichever term is used to describe them, we all want in!

We’ve all heard the stories of the insane gains that can be achieved by being involved in them, but for the most part, they seem unobtainable.


Today, explore an under-the-radar platform that allows anyone to invest in presales, with no minimum required investment amount and no barrier to entry.

The method of presale used is called LBPs (Liquid Bootstrapping Pools) a new presale technology put forward by Fjord Foundry.

What Are Fjord Foundry’s New Liquid Bootstrapping Pools?

LBPs function similarly to Dutch auctions but offer more interactive and transparent dynamics, in a Dutch auction, the asking price starts high and decreases until someone makes a purchase.

In an LBP, the starting price also begins high and gradually declines – however, you as a participant can buy in at any point, influencing the price.

If buying activity increases, the price might even rise temporarily. This makes LBPs a dynamic and equitable mechanism for you to acquire tokens.


Recipe For Success: How Successful Are Liquid Bootstrapping Pool Presales? 

LBPs on Fjord Foundry have been performing extremely well recently, including two recent examples – DEAI and EMRLD.

For DEAI, a PoS AI ecosystem project, the average buy price for LBP participants was $0.19 and less than two weeks later, DEAI is trading on the open market for $1.18, a nearly 10x return for buyers of the LBP.

Whereas EMRLD, an RWA project with a focus on emerald mines and high-end luxury jewelry, the average buy price during the LBP was $0.004 and it is now currently trading at $0.03 after briefly touching $0.04 on the 1st of April, so again, around a 10x trade as of right now.


The best part regarding these LBPs and current performances is that there is still a lot of room to grow for these projects due to their relatively small market caps ($115m for $DEAI and $26m for EMRLD) which goes to show the huge upside available to participants of presales, in this case, LBPs on Fjord Foundry.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Sleep on New Fjord Foundry Launches

Currently, Fjord Foundry is only offering LBPs on Ethereum (ERC-20) but they have announced recently that they will be expanding to Solana in order to capture the hype and volume that comes with the SOL network – which has gained major traction in the presale market via viral presale opportunities like Slothana.

Another interesting snippet of noteworthy news is that Fjord Foundry is rumored to be launching its own token via an LBP in the near future.

So, with the Bitcoin halving just around the corner and the bull market well and truly heating up, now is the perfect time to unearth these gems on platforms such as Fjord Foundry and buy in at these low market cap valuations.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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