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Lamassu Bitcoin machine arrives in New Mexico

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Robocoin is not the only manufacturer helping the United States become more Bitcoin-friendly. Lamassu has already delivered its first machine in the country, more specifically in New Mexico.

The Bitcoin device, managed by the company Enchanted Bitcoins, can be found in the Imbibe Nob Ill cigar bar, in Albuquerque, really close to the University of New Mexico, NewsBTC reports.

“This is very special for us. Enchanted Bitcoins are paving the way for mainstream Bitcoin accessibility in the Unites States”, said Lamassu CEO, Zach Harvey, who also complimented the company’s “effort on the compliance side”.

To be allowed to operate the device in the United States, Enchanted Bitcoins is registered as a money transmitter with the Department of the Treasury’s FinCEN division.

The company is organizing a launch party at the Imbibe cigar bar, which will occur on the evening of February 21st, in just two days. The bar’s co-founder, Wesley Golden, admits “Imbibe is excited to participate in this new innovative technology”.

We look forward as a business to being able to accept Bitcoin, the world’s newest currency. We invite you to come in and take a look.

This Tuesday (18), the producer of Bitcoin ATMs Robocoin announced it was delivering two machines in Austin and Seattle. The big difference between the two machines is that, while Robocoin’s device can convert fiat currency to BTC and vice-versa, Lamassu’s machine can only execute the first operation.

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