LakeBTC Adds EgoPay for Deposits & Withdraws

Last updated on October 21st, 2016 at 04:10 pm

Shanghai based LakeBTC has added a new option for deposits and withdraws today.

EgoPay is now an option for account deposits and withdraws on the exchange. In a statement the company said,

We are pleased to announce the partnership with EgoPay, one of the top online payment processors and e-currency providers. As a leading bitcoin exchange committed to improving customer experiences, LakeBTC has been actively working with banking and payment processing partners around the world. This cooperation is expected to benefit our users by reducing unnecessary delays in traditional bank clearance systems. Effective immediately, LakeBTC users may make USD deposits and withdrawals via EgoPay.

LakeBTC has been on the rise recently as the exchange sees customers inside and outside of China and has recently seen a sudden growth spurt as it adds further and further clients. is one of the fastest growing e-payments methods globally with focus on Forex and Crypto-currency trading platforms.

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