Kraken and Fidor Bank: new alliance improves Bitcoin trading services in the European Union

The exchange Kraken has been surprising the Bitcoin community with its quick evolution and always positive announcements. After including US dollars in its package of services, the company is now cooperating with the German Fidor Bank to offer regulated Bitcoin trading services to its European customers.

As stated by the CEO of Payward Ltd, Kraken’s developer, Fidor is the “ideal partner” for the exchange. The bank is a “responsible, forward-thinking financial institution”, says Jesse Powell, quoted by Coindesk.

On the other side, Fidor Bank’s CEO said that “with Kraken, we can enable our customers to trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies just as securely, easily and flexibly as they trade other foreign currencies today“. The institution has noticed that cryptocurrencies are growing as “serious and useful alternatives to government-issued currencies”, according to Matthias Kröner.

After this move, Kraken is now looking to spread its services outside the European Union by employing the same method: cooperating with financial industry partners and regulatory authorities.

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