Top 11 Funniest Bitcoin Videos

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I got a hold of the funniest Bitcoin videos I could find on the web. That’s right, this list is zero-based and goes to 11. So depending on what you think about Bitcoin, these videos might make you laugh, curse, or cry.

#10. WTF is Bitcoin? by Keith Saltojanes Mildly Amusing

Keith’s 2 minute parody on the weusecoins video gets a few chuckles, but the final 2 seconds are my personal favorite. Dated December 2013.

#9. What is Bitcoin? by Mildly Amusing

(Available here if video doesn’t load). A quick video (2:30) of the team giving their personal explanations as to what exactly Bitcoin is. Posted November 2013.

#8. Bitcoin Plunge by The Colbert Report Mildly Amusing

(Available here if video doesn’t load). Colbert buys into Bitcoin speculation during a 2:41 minute bit. From April 2013.

#7. Mycelia in Wonderland by Mycelium Trippy as Hell

This 1:30 advertisement for the Mycelium mobile wallet might be more psychedelic than funny, but certainly worth a watch. From April 2014.

#6. Nobody Understands Bitcoins by Funny Or Die Cheese City

A 3:07 short featuring a narrator explaining Bitcoin clearly and concisely. From November 2013.

#5. Bitcoin’s COO Explains What Bitcoin Is by Team Coco Chuckle-worthy

Conan tries to get the Chief Operating Officer of Bitcoin to explain Bitcoin in this 2:33 video. From March 2014.

#4. What Nobody Seems to Understand About Bitcoin by Cracked Chuckle-worthy

A 4:14 video of two co-workers discussing investment strategies and Bitcoin. From November 2013.

#3. The Wolf of Bitcoin by Raleigh Latham NSFW

A parody that combines the Wolf of Wall Street movie and Bitcoin. Some explicit language and a few Bitcoin references. 4:36 long, from February 2014.

#2. Shit Bitcoin Fanatics Say, Part 1 by scotty321 LOL

A day in the life of the Bitcoiner. It’s good to laugh at yourself. 2:44 long, from March 2014.

#1. Shit Bitcoin Fanatics Say, Part 2 by scotty321 LOL

The Bitcoin Fanatic series continues. My personal favorite part is the mining explanation — a place every Bitcoiner has been before. 3:08 long, from March 2014.

#0. Pheeva – Plus – Gyft – Troll TV Ad by Pheeva LOL

A TV ad for the Pheeva mobile wallet. Rips on hipsters and Bitcoin trolls — love it! 0:34 seconds long, posted July 2014.

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