KnCMiner is shipping its Jupiter mining rigs and encourages miners to pressure other companies

After a few smart moves to keep everyone talking about the company – like cutting the price of the rigs or releasing juicy photos, updates and videos on social media -, it looks like KnCMiner is really meeting the promised deadlines. The firm has finished production of its Jupiter Bitcoin mining rigs and has started shipping the devices to the customers.

In a video published on Youtube by the Sweden-based company, the co-founders Marcus Erlandsson and Sam Cole reveal that the Jupiter rig will mine at over 550 GH/s (the theoretical limit is 576 GH/s), which beats all the 400 GH/s promises made back in July.

Before the real numbers were made public in this video, KnCMiner had already published a curious message on their website, on Monday (30):

It all began in April and after a very long summer its finally the day we have all been waiting for.

We would like to say that, after a very long stint in the factory over the weekend and with great help from our entire engineering team, we are finally ready to release the figures you have all been waiting for. Jupiter is of course not a 400 machine, it’s much more than that.

In the video, released on the same day, KnCMiner’s co-founders show off the rig in action and demonstrate its hashing power. Sam Cole told Coindesk that “it has been a long summer and to have predicted our own deadline from five months out and hit it with 45 minutes to spare just proves how hard we have worked over the last few months”.

According to Cole, again quoted by the website Coindesk, this is proof that it’s possible to build good rigs in a short amount of time, so all the customers out there must start pressuring the other companies in the mining market to deliver within the promised deadlines.

With the rigs now shipping to the customers, the company announced it will be working on KnCMiner’s Gen 1.5 and Gen 2 devices.

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