“Join us”: Mt. Gox publishes full-page ad about Bitcoin on G8 magazine

The government’s concerns about Bitcoin might be growing every day, but that didn’t stop Mt. Gox from rubbing a full-page Bitcoin ad in their faces.

The Japanese-based exchange platform, the biggest in the world, decided to publish a huge advert in the  G8 Research Group’s magazine, the official publication connected to the G8 Summit, which began this Monday (17) in Lough Erne Resort, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

The ad is a simple sketch with lots of meaning. It shows a boardroom where different currencies are seated around a big table. At the door stands Bitcoin, which is invited to join the meeting. “Come in and join us”, are the other ones saying.

Below the invitation, the message continues: “These days it seems like everyone is talking about Bitcoin, the digital currency that is revolutionising the way people think about money, trade and transparency. Mt. Gox offers a secure and reliable multi-currency exchange so you can trade with the entire world in your local currency. Now isn’t that something worth talking about?”.

After the publication of the magazine, Mt. Gox republished the ad on Facebook. The company used the social network to spread a new message. “The 2013 G8 conference is kicking into gear from today, and global leaders are discussing economic issues that affect us all. To get the message out, a couple of months ago we took a big step and bought a full page ad for Bitcoin right in the middle of the G8 Research Group’s official magazine with a link to a special landing page”, the company wrote, referring to the QR code published in the ad.

Bitcoin users around the world apparently liked and applauded the move, according to the general critic and opinions spread through websites, comments, blogs and forums.

Via coindesk.com

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