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Introducing Opinions

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Coin Fire is proud to introduce our new Opinions section to the website.

We know that those in the cryptocurrency space can be just as opinionated as any technology-driven space and we’ve received a large number of emails over the past several months from those wishing to share opinion pieces with our readers.

Simply throwing an Opinion category in our setup would not just work right out of the box though. We had to discuss as a team how to handle opinion pieces, how we would vet information, determine what to share with our readers, how to make sure opinion pieces are shared with integrity, fairly and what Coin Fire with opinions from various voices would look like.

After several months of deliberation, work behind the scenes on our Editorial Dashboard, and debate we are proud to announce the addition of the Coin Fire Opinion section. This section of our site appears separately from the News section so you’ll know what is news versus opinion and pieces that are opinion pieces will always be clearly marked as such.

Coin Fire’s new opinion section accepts articles for any topic that will interest our cryptocurrency focused audience.

Articles typically run from 400 to 1,500 words, but submissions of any length will be considered by our team. The submissions need to be original and exclusive (for a period of 30 days) to Coin Fire. We will not consider articles that have already been published, in any form, previously. Submissions should be emailed to contact form

We anticipate receiving a large number of submissions. Because of this, we must pass on many interesting submissions. Regrettably, we will not be able to reply to all submissions. If you don’t hear from us in five days, please assume that we will be unable to use your opinion piece. You should then feel free to shop it elsewhere.

Accepted submissions will receive a free year of Coin Fire + or other small token of compensation. Opinion pieces are not about getting paid for sharing your opinion. The value of sharing your opinion is for influence, being heard, or getting an important item out in the open for discussion.

A diverse range of opinions and beliefs are important to Coin Fire. Coin Fire wants to foster this diversity. To that end, we are especially interested in editorials that express countervailing ideas to those already expressed in other Coin Fire opinion pieces.

Opinion pieces that react to recent news can be of value to our team. With that in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts. Do: Write in your own voice. If you are funny, be funny. If you are serious, be serious. Don’t: Write the way you think people will want. Don’t emulate someone who sounds important. Just be yourself.

Focus on something in particular. If you want to write about a general issue with cryptocurrency, it will likely be something that has been heard before. Think hard on whether or not you are contributing something new or specific to that discourse.

Once we have accepted a piece (something that will always happen within five days of submission) we will do everything we can to make sure it runs on our platform. Sometimes this will happen within days, but other times it may happen within weeks. We understand that waiting can be frustrating, but we want to publish an opinion until it can have maximum impact on our readers.

When pieces arrive at the contact form email address, the piece will be read by one of our editorial assistants and then entered in to our backend system. It then becomes a piece of topic for our editorial team. After several contributors weigh in, we will typically know if we should take the submission or not and what it will take to bring it to the readers of Coin Fire.

Upon acceptance of your piece, you’ll receive a contract that grants us the ability to publish it, as well as laying out your responsibilities.

We want to be sure that our pieces are original and truthful in nature. Plagiarism is alive and well, so we want to make sure that you aren’t plagiarizing yourself or someone else and we want to be sure that the piece is first run on Coin Fire. We also want to make sure that you disclose any conflicts of interest, such as from financial or employment conflicts.

Just because you work for a company in the industry, get paid to do cryptocurrency, or work for a company you are writing about, does not mean we will reject your submission. But we do need to know. Coin Fire values transparency, and we will need to disclose that relationship to our readers in your piece.

If you are writing something factual, or using facts to support your argument, we will need to see those facts. Our team takes fact checking very seriously.

Our editors will work with you to make your piece acceptable to both you and us. We may help you revise your piece for clarity, or to make sure it is well ordered and flows cleanly. We will NEVER tell you what to think. We will simply help make your writing orderly, clear, and grammatically correct. Our editorial team will help you strengthen your arguments at times.

As the creator of your submission, if you are unhappy with our edit, you will have the option of taking your piece back. We will never run a piece without an author’s final consent. We will always select the headline that runs with a piece, but your headline submission will be considered by the editorial team. We will always select the images or artwork that may accompany an opinion piece.

If you are interested in seeing your piece run on Coin Fire please email contact form

Coin Fire is a cryptocurrency news site started on June 6th of 2014. The site focused on hard-hitting investigative stories. Coin Fire was acquired by 99Bitcoins on October 2015.

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