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Internet Giants are Angling Towards Bitcoin and More…

eBay CEO: Bitcoin Key to Future

In this week’s news letter we’re focusing a lot on the amount of support Bitcoin is receiving and for good reason. Numerous important companies and individuals have been showing outright support or at least signs that Bitcoin could indeed by the wave of the future.  eBay CEO John Donahoe has offered overwhelming support for Bitcoin, arguing that such virtual currencies will play an important role in online digital payments and for platforms like Paypal. Paypal is currently the world’s largest online payment system, so if Bitcoin is ever accepted or supported by the system, Bitcoin’s popularity could skyrocket.

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Apple May Soon Accept Bitcoin

Apple, among the most profitable, valuable, and influential companies in the world, may soon accept Bitcoin. If this happens, expect Bitcoin prices to trend upwards. Apparently, Apple is considering allowing the use of Bitcoins to purchase apps from their app store and also to allow Bitcoin centric apps, such as wallets, back into their store. Apple previously banned such apps, which sent Bitcoin prices stumbling. We should note that Apple’s recently updated policies remain somewhat vague. Either way, the support of one of the world’s largest companies would surely propel Bitcoin forward.

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Amazon To Support Bitcoin?

This news is a few days old, but we want to spread the word just in case any of you have been off the internet for awhile. Amazon was apparently awarded a patent that mentioned Bitcoin and the use of Bitcoin for cloud payment services. We should note that the patent is very broad and that companies often file patents and never act on them. Still if Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, ever comes to accept Bitcoin, it would likely propel the currency to new heights.

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Rapper 50 Cent to Accept Bitcoin

Okay, so you can’t use Bitcoin on Amazon just yet, and even Apple hasn’t made it official yet. Maybe we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. Rapper 50 Cent, however, once arguably the most popular rapper on Earth, is now accepting Bitcoin for his new album “Animal Ambition.” So if you have some animal ambitions, you can satisfy them with Bitcoin. You can purchase the album with Bitcoin from 50 Cent’s Shopify store. Shopify first integrated Bitcoin into its system back in November of 2013, so this isn’t exactly world changing news. Still, star power is star power and this is just one more development adding momentum to Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Venture Capital Investment Up 30 Percent Compared With 2013 Total

Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are becoming more and more interested in Bitcoin. Bitcoin investments so far this year have actually surpassed the combined total of 2013.  Given that venture capitalists are among the best at predicting and understanding trends in technology, this is a very good sign.

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