How to Buy Ethereum – A quick start beginner’s guide

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the hottest altcoin in the community – Ethereum.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. It’s basically a decentralized platform for developers to build apps on top of and it was invented by Vitalik Buterin in 2013.

Ethereum can be used to codify, decentralized, secure and trade just about anything: voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, company governance, contracts and agreements of most kind, intellectual property.

And what is Ether?

Well, Ether is the currency of the Etherium platform. Ether will be required by anyone wishing to build upon or use the Ethereum platform. Just like BItcoin, Ether can be traded around the web and mined. In a second I’ll show you exactly where you can buy it. Most people use the term Ethereum to refer to the currency instead of Ether and that’s why it can get so confusing.

The total supply of ether and its rate of issuance was decided by the donations gathered on the 2014 presale of the currency. The results were roughly:

  • 60 million ether created to contributors of the presale
  • 12 Million (20% of the above) were created to the development fund, most of it going to early contributors and developers and the remaining to the Ethereum Foundation
  • 5 ethers are created every block (roughly 15-17 seconds) to the miner of the block
  • 2-3 ethers are sometimes sent to another miner if they were also able to find a solution but his block wasn’t included (called uncle/aunt reward)

The founders of Ethereum state that Ether is not a currency as much as it is “crypto-fuel”, meaning it’s a token that has one main use – to pay for the Ethereum platform. This means that you probably won’t be able to buy stuff with Ether online. However you can still trade it and invest in it in hopes its price goes up.

Because Ether is less “mature” than Bitcoin at the moment, it’s less suitable for non technical people. For example, you can download Ether’s official wallet app from github, but there’s no “user friendly” version of it yet. There’s also MyEtherWallet and EthereumWallet available with a simple interface.

Ethereum (ETH) vs. Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency that was created due to a disagreement with the way original Ethereum conducted business. The catalyst for the split was due to a hacker finding a way to steal $60m worth of Ethereum coins. The supporters of ETH said that the code should be altered and the stolen coins should be refunded, while the supporters of ETC said that “code is law” and whatever happened happened. So in real life what happened is that ETC was the same original Ehtereum code and ETH forked their code to create a new Ethereum.

Therefor 2 identical competing currencies were created that had 2 different exchange rates. Today ETH’s price is much higher and is more common in the general cryptocurrency community.

How to Buy Ethereum in 3 steps

Step 1 – Get an Ethreum Wallet

Before starting the buying process you will need to get an Ethereum wallet to hold your Ether. There are many types of Ethereum wallets. Here is a short breakdown of the most popular Ethereum wallets.

Ethereum Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets are the most secure way for storing Ether. The main hardware wallets that support Ethereum are Ledger and TREZOR.

Electrum Software wallets

If you’re just starting out with Ethereum, don’t have a lot of Ether to store or don’t have the money to buy a hardware wallet you can use free software wallets. These wallets are free of charge but are less secure since they are constantly connected to the Internet (and therefore can be hacked).  The top Ethereum wallets are Exodus, Jaxx, MyEtherWallet.

Step 2 -Buy Ethereum (credit card, wire transfer and cash) in

The easiest way to buy Ethereum (i.e. Ether) would be through one of the popular Ethereum exchanges. It’s important to make a distinction between an actual Ethereum exchange that will sell you Ether and platforms like eToro that only let you speculate on the price.

Platforms like eToro don’t give you actual access to your coins and you can’t send coins from eToro to other people. The only thing that can be done with the platform is to buy and sell Ethereum for fiat currency (i.e. Dollars, Euros, etc.). This method is only valid if you live outside of the US.

IMPORTANT! If you use eToro you don’t actually need an Ethereum wallet as they don’t supply you the actual coins. Also, Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. So keep in mind that your capital is at risk.

Buy Ethereum through Coinbase

The most convenient and cheapest way to buy Ethereum would be Coinbase (if it’s available in your country):

  1. Open a Coinbase account
  2. Add your payment method (Credit card or bank account)
  3. Go to “Buy/Sell” and select the amount of Ethereum you desire
  4. Click “Buy Ethereum”

Coinbase will sell you ETH for a fee of 1.49%-3.99% depending on your payment method (credit cards have a higher fee than wire transfers).

Visit Coinbase Read our Coinabse review


Buy Ethereum through is a Bitcoin exchange that also sells ETH via a credit card. The fees for on are already calculated into the exchange rate, that’s why it will seem higher than other exchanges. For example, the exchange rate for 1 ETH on can be around 7% higher than on Coinbase. However, works with countries worldwide (unlike Coinbase).

  1. Open a account
  2. Add your payment method (Credit card or bank account)
  3. Go to “Buy/Sell” and select Ethereum
  4. Choose the amount of Ethereum you want to buy
  5. Click on “buy Ethereum”
Buy Ethereum on Read our review


Buy Ethereum through Coinmama

Coinmama is a worldwide seller of Ethereum. The site allows you to buy Ethereum with your credit card and exchange rates are relatively fair considering the alternatives. Coinmama is a very reputable exchange that has been working in the cryptospace since 2014.

Buy Ethereum on Coinmama Read our Coinmama review


Exchanging Bitcoin (or any other altcoin) for Ethereum through Changelly

One of the easiest ways to buy Ethereum if you already have Bitcoin (or any other altcoin) is to change it to Ethereum via Changelly. From personal experience it takes around 30 minutes to get a coin traded from one type to another and the interface is very clean and intuitive. However don’t use the exchange to buy Ethereum with fiat currency since the fees are extremely high.

Visit Changelly Read our Changelly review


Buy Ethereum through Coinhouse

If you live in the EU (Eurozone) another good option could be buying Ethereum from Coinhouse. The company is a Bitcoin and Ethereum broker that started out supplying service only to people from France and gradually expanded to the rest of Europe. You can pay via a credit card, debit card or Neosurf.

Buy Bitcoins on Coinhouse     Read our Coinhouse review


Buy Ethereum through Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a well established exchange that allows you to buy Ethereum if you live outside of the US. Another issue is that the exchange recently halted fiat deposits so you’ll need to have some sort of cryptocurrency if you want to buy Ethereum through this platform.

Visit Bitfinex Read our Bitfinex review


Buy Ethereum with cash / from an individual through LocalEthereum

LocalEthereum is a marketplace that allows individuals to connect with each other in order to buy and sell Ethereum. The concept is similar to LocalBitcoins. While the variety and flexibility of this marketplace are usually high, the risk is also high. You have to make sure the person you’re dealing with is legit before conducting a trade.

You can also get Ether from several Bitcoin exchanges like KrakenPoloniex and

Step 3 – Withdraw the Ether to your wallet

Once you bought Ethereum remember to make sure the coins are sitting in your own personal wallet. This is relevant mainly when buying Ether from an exchange. If you leave your coins on the exchange and the exchange gets hacked or becomes insolvenat you may end up losing your coins.

How to read an Ethereum transaction

Once you’ve made your purchase you’ll be able to follow your transaction through the use of an Ethereum block explorer. A full explanation of how to read an ETH transaction can be found in this guide.

Don’t want to buy? You can day trade as well

If you’re only into Ethereum to profit on the exchange rate you can also invest in Ethereum CFDs (contract for difference). The idea is that instead of actually buying Ethereum you can just trade according to the exchange rate. CFDs is usually suited for experienced traders and your money is at risk when doing so. At the moment Plus500 are the only company that offers Ethereum CFDs.

You can also mine Ethereum

Mining Ethereum uses proof-of-work. It’s similar to Bitcoin mining in a sense that there is a diminishing block reward for every block mined.

You can try mining Ethereum using your own computer (CPU mining), but it will probably not get you too far. However, if you have a dedicated GPU set up for the task then you can get some real rewards. For information on exactly how to mine Ether visit Ethereum’s official web page or on our blog post about it.

Ether and Ethereum in general are disruptive technologies that are set to change how the Internet works. Whether it succeeds or not remains to be seen, but for now you can easily get your share of “the Internet’s future” by following the steps mentioned above.

If you want to learn more about Ethereum you can use the variety of social channels dedicated to the platform: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, StackExchange and the Etheruem blog.

155 Replies to “How to Buy Ethereum – A quick start beginner’s guide”

  • I have been utilizing the 99Bitcoin courses. I will definitely be leaving a stellar review. I’ve learned so much after what appeared to be a road to nowhere on my own.

    I need some HELP here please. I live in Hawaii and Coinbase doesn’t operate here. I’d like to sign up with but they currently are not accepting any new registrations until they’ve caught up. I want to own Etherum, Bitcoin, and Ripple.

    I see another of your recommendations called Coinmama but before I register there can you tell me, is there a problem with buying, owning, and selling crypto currency on the internet here in my state? The information I found is dated 2014.

    Fingers crossed there’s a solution that doesn’t involve buying locally.

    Many thanks

    • Hey rawkluvah,

      As far as I know, it’s legal to own cryptocurrency in Hawaii. The state just has some particular money transmission laws which make it difficult for crypto exchanges to operate there.

      From a post I found on this issue: “The Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions (DFI) imposed a new policy which requires digital currency companies to maintain 100% cash and or asset reserves as permissible investments for every Bitcoin held by Coinbase for Hawaii residents.”

      So if you’re not interested in buying locally with cash, it’s still possible for you to use LocalBitcoins. Just look for American sellers accepting bank deposits / wires rather than cash traders. CoinMama will work too. You can also check out other large professional exchanges like Gemini (US) or BitStamp (EU), which may be able to serve you.

      The easiest way into Ethereum and Ripple is to first acquire Bitcoin, as this is the most widely-available and easily-purchasable crypto by far. Once you have BTC, you can easily exchange it for ETH or even XRP, using crypto-to-crypto exchanges, such as or (2 “instant,” simplified exchanges) or, or a host of other such crypto-only exchanges.

  • Hey!
    I would like to invest a small amount of money just to try out how all this system works. Well, if i understand it correctly i register for example to myetherwallet. Then i buy ether on coinbase for example. And then i withdraw my ether to my wallet. In step3 what do you mean under ‘leaveing one’s coins in the exchange’? Do you think coinbase and myetherwallet is suitable for a beginners?

    • Hey Marcello,

      Yes, your process sounds quite correct. In Step 3, we mean that you shouldn’t leave your coins on Coinbase under their control, but rather withdraw them to MEW where they will be under your own control. This means you must take reasonable steps to secure whichever machine is running MEW. I think they’re suitable for beginners yes; Coinbase is pretty simple and MEW is … well ETH is more complicated by its nature but I wouldn’t say MEW is any more difficult than other ETH wallets.

  • I would like to invest a small amount (£250,000) into Ethereum but cannot seem to find a platform suitable enough to trade with. Please advise Regards

    • Hey Lord Carrington,

      For such an amount, I would suggest setting up a private trade, known as an over the counter (OTC) trade. I believe the exchange could help you with setting up such a trade.

      The alternative is to buy the amount over time on the exchange of your choice. By putting in regular small orders, you won’t shift the market too significantly. You might also consider buying amounts across various exchanges.

  • Hi, I recently purchased some ETH from Coinbase. I was hoping to trade the ETH for smaller cryptos. Is anyone aware of any platforms that make this possible. I was recommended Binance by a friend, however they are no longer accepting new members due to a high demand.
    Many thanks,

    • Hey Luke,

      I would recommend any of the all-crypto exchanges which have a good reputation and offer trading in a wide variety of altcoins. I have used for years and more recently, and is another good option.

    • I just recently used IDEX to use my Ether to purchase some KIN and once I figured out the process, which was my first, it was actually pretty simple! Hope this helps!

  • I am very interest in this but have no idea where to start. I really want to make a profit on an investment. Bitcoin is really expensive so I’m looking into ether. what is the best way to make a good profit?

    • Hi Steph,

      The best way to make a profit is to buy low and sell high. You could wait for a crash to buy low, or you could buy now assuming that price will still go higher. There are no simple answers here, I’m afraid. It takes hard work, knowledge and skill (and / or luck!) to make a profit in crypto, as in most any other field.

    • Hi Jose,

      Interesting question. I did a quick search and it appears that services the Peruvian market and offers Ethereum. If they don’t suit you, you can always buy Bitcoin and exchange it via crypto-only exchanges which usually accept traders from all over the world. A good simple exchange is, otherwise you can look at Poloniex, or

  • Hi,

    Im new to bitcoin and i just created an account in Im just curious what type of wallet is it.

    If I buy a hardware wallet does the hardware wallet has its own address?

    I also have an online wallet. Can I transfer it to my hardware wallet? What technically happens if I do that?

    Can I use a hardware wallet to store myetherwallet coins?



    • Hey Janus,

      MyEtherWallet (MEW) is an Ethereum wallet. Ethereum is an altcoin, based on somewhat similar principles to Bitcoin but with certain key differences. Ethereum is more programmable but also riskier as a result.

      Yes, hardware wallets have their own addresses.

      You can certainly transfer coins from your online wallet (or any other wallet) to your hardware wallet’s address(es). You can transfer coins from any address you control to absolutely any other valid address.

      And yes, both Trezor and Ledger Nano S (and perhaps other Ledger hardware wallets) support MEW. However, you will need to create a new MEW wallet to take advantage of your HW.

      • Hi Steven,

        Thanks for your reply. If I have an existing MEW do I have to create a new one to take advantage of the HW?

        • Hi Janus,

          As far as I know, yes. When you initialise your hardware wallet, it generates a new private key with new associated addresses. While you could perhaps import your old MEW privkey into the wallet by using the seed phrase-based restore function of the HW, this would defeat the HW’s secure privkey generation… so it would be a bad idea.

          Just create a new MEW wallet with your HW, then send coins from your old wallet to your new wallet.

  • Hi Steven,

    Thanks for your educative comments in this forum.

    I am resident in Nigeria and have been trying to sign-up with some exchanges to enable me by Ether. But they all seem to be declining my sign-up with an excuse that they do not currently cover Nigeria.

    Please what do you suggest I do to enable me by the Ether?

  • Hi Steven,

    Thanks for your educative comments in this forum.

    I am resident in Nigeria and have been trying to sign-up with some exchanges to be able to buy Ether. But the exchanges keep declining my sign-up, claiming they are not available in Nigeria at this time, but could be in the future.

    What do you suggest I do to enable me buy the Ether?

    • Hi Tayo,

      I suggest you buy Bitcoin in Nigeria – I know there are several good Bitcoin exchanges located there – and then exchange these Bitcoin for Ethereum at a crypto-only exchange like Poloniex or These crypto-only exchanges don’t care where you’re from. Other options for faster and simpler exchange include and

  • “Buy Ethereum with Cash

    At the moment there is no site like LocalBitcoins for Ethereum where you can meet people face to face and buy Ethereum with Cash. However, you can buy Bitcoins with cash and then exchange it to Ethereum through Shapeshift or Poloniex.

    From 3 Simple Ways to Buy Ethereum Instantly – A Complete Beginner’s Guide
    …Excuse me?

  • Hi,
    Everyone is talking about buying Cryptocurrency, I would like to know how can you sell it?

    With Coinbase it’s easy to buy, however they own the key and another important fact is that they don’t offer as yet a way to SELL what you bought. Personally I see this as a massive red flag.

    Can someone please tell me how can I sell once I buy?


    • Hey Chris,

      You can sell via Coinbase by following this guide:

      You can also sell via Coinbase’s trading exchange, GDAX. I believe your Coinbase exchange registration should be all (or most) that you need to access GDAX.

      That said, Coinbase / GDAX is only one way to sell. There are hundreds of exchanges around the world and nothing stops you setting up private sales with people interested in buying Bitcoin. There are sites which facilitate such deals, like For larger amounts, there is the Over The Counter market for private trading.

      It’s also possible to sell Bitcoin at certain Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) around the world. I can assure you that, in most countries, it’s not a problem to either both buy or sell bitcoins.

  • Hi,

    If you buy ether on coinbase can you ever fully own your coins if they keep the private key? Or when you transfer to another wallet off of coinbase do they lose all access to your coins. I’m just a little confused if a private key is assigned to the coin, or only to wallets?

    Thank you

    • Hello Angel,

      No, ethers (or any other crypto) held in a Coinbase wallet are under the ultimate control of Coinbase because – like you say – they keep the private key. So, Coinbase has ultimate say over whether those coins can move to a new address or not.

      If Coinbase lets you transfer those coins out to your personal wallet, then they become entirely yours and under your full control.

      How this works is, a private key controls every address and often multiple addresses. So, coins in a Coinbase address are controlled by Coinbase’s private key. Once you get a personal wallet, it contains its own private key which is used to generate your own, unique addresses.

      • Hi Steven,
        You say ‘If’ Coinbase lets you transfer coins out to your personal wallet, then they become yours. I don’t understand how they are not yours to begin with if you have bought them! As you can tell I am a complete newbie. I would like to buy some ether, and was thinking of using the Coinbase exchange to buy, probably through a broker, but don’t understand how I get those coins into say a Nano S hardware wallet?
        Thanks for your time.

        • Hi Max,

          Well, it’s kind of like how if you stored gold in a bank vault, the gold is yours but at the same time it’s not… Legally the gold is yours but in practice, the vault is the one with actual effective ownership over the gold.

          Whereas vaults seldom steal or lose gold, being highly regulated players in a well-understood field, the same is not true of crypto exchanges. So many exchanges have been hacked, failed, or conducted fraud over the short history of crypto that all crypto exchanges are best viewed with suspicion.

          In order to get coins off Coinbase and into your hardware wallet, you simply buy the coins on Coinbase then withdraw them to an address generated by your hardware wallet. Miners will then process the transaction and after it’s confirmed, the coins will be safely under your control in the hardware wallet.

  • Hello. First of all thank you for this informative article as i am new to crypto thingy. I have recently setup a Rig through which i mine Ether. As i am located in Pakistan and i would like to add some ether to my account. will any of the above exchanges you mentioned work for me in Pakistan? I don’t own a Credit card but i have a bank account and would like to use to buy Ether.
    Help me out here guys. Thanks once again.

    • Hey Faisal,

      I suggest you check out – they will let you buy Bitcoin via bank transfer in Pakistan. Once you have bitcoins you can easily exchange them for ethers from pretty much anywhere in the world, using exchanges like Changelly or Poloniex.

      • Thanks Steven. If i buy Bitcoin and then change it to ether will that cost me some fee? And isn’t there a direct method to buy ether or ether classic? I mean BTC price is huge and i am just a student looking to invest my pocket money which i saved for a year.
        thanks again.

        • Hi Faisal,

          Yes, you will incur some bank fees by making a fiat deposit on Urdubit, some exchange fees buying Bitcoin there, a withdrawal / miner fee moving the Bitcoin to the crypto exchange, another exchange fee plus the market spread in converting the Bitcoin to Ethereum, and then another mining / withdrawal fee for moving the Ethereum back to your personal wallet. Such is the cost of doing business.

          You may be able to avoid these fees if you find someone locally who is willing to accept PKR for Ethereum. Or you could use your saved PKR to buy more hardware for Ethereum mining, and get more ETH that way. If you’ve been mining a while, you should know what to buy and whether expanding your operation will prove profitable.

          • Thanks Mr. Steven for you time and reply to my questions. Well am sure looking for locally. What if i ask my brother in UK to buy them for me (he has no idea about crypto so he is a total noob in this matter). What would be the procedure then?

            Thank you so much for you kind replies once again.

  • Hello,
    I am new to crypto-world and I would like to buy ether through any of the exchanges mentioned in the article, say coinbase. I have a bank account in Europe (Sweden) and I want to have my account based there however I live in Dubai (as far as I know, cryptocurrency is still not available here), so would that make an issue if my wallet shows IP address from Dubai while my bank account and coinbase account is in sweden?

    Appreciate your help

    • Hey Ahmad,

      Yes, this certainly could lead to complications. I’ve encountered several exchanges which are pretty fussy about matching IP address with home address. You may also experience problems with the verification of your documents, unless you have a recent proof of residence from Sweden.

      What I suggest is using a Middle Eastern Bitcoin exchange instead. One which I believe is in fact located in Dubai is called

      Once you purchase Bitcoin, you can then easily exchange it for Ethereum without having to go through any significant location or document checks. A nice simple way to exchange the two cryptos is via the site

      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Steven. I contacted after some good reviews that I got about them even though they have higher fees. They said that there shall be no problem with location as long as I have a Euro account that supports SEPA payments. I asked them if I can use a VPN to show IP address from Sweden (using a swedish server) but they said it’s not needed, I just need a valid european phone number to validate my account. they also mentioned that they have several video verification methods like (IdentityTM, IDNow or verify-U). so do you think that with their statement, the location issue will not be a problem anymore? as a matter of fact my objective is to start my transactions and have my account in Europe not middle east (for some reason I feel it’s safer there). I want to buy ether now and leave it for long until I can really use it for services on ethereum platform, which I don’t think the middle east will have these services ready in the coming years as in Europe or the States.

        Another thing, I don’t feel buying Bitcoin and then transfer to Ether is a good thing especially with all the fees that go in between.


        • Hi Ahmad,

          Well, that sounds very good then. Glad it worked out for you with BitPanda. I believe it will be fine to complete their verification procedures. However, I wouldn’t advise you to leave your ETH on their site for an extended period. It’s a lot safer in your own keeping, particularly if you store it on a hardware wallet. The Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets both support Ethereum.

          Check out our Hardware Wallet Reviews page for more:

  • I agree about buying via smart contracts. Heard of a new ICO coming up with that called confideal. Anyone knows something? Or similar products?

    • Hi,

      Well, a similar product would be Ethereum. This ICO looks like Ethereum-in-Ethereum… I don’t really see the point of it.

      Their main value proposition seems to be making smart contracts easy for newcomers; no programming skill required… Hmm. This seems like a bad and dangerous idea.

      People need to understand *exactly* what’s in the contract’s code to be able to run it safely. The DAO failed and split Ethereum because its code was sloppy and no one (besides the hacker) took the time to understand it properly. If Confideal’s contract code is hidden from signers (due to their inability to understand it), then it’s like signing a paper contract written in invisible ink…

      This project has much to prove before I’d be convinced that newbies could easily set up contracts which do what they want, safely. Frankly, I doubt that’s achievable, except perhaps for very simple contracts with zero customisation.

  • Hey guys!!
    I wanted to buy ethereum at coinmama, but they require the wallet to support mart contracts. my wallet does not support that. Where can I buy ethereum without smart contracts?

    ~~ thanks ~~

    • Hi Cherry,

      I think the best option would be to get a new wallet which supports smart contracts. MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, Mist, Geth, Eth, and Pytheapp app all do, as far as I know. You could investigate whether it’s possible to send from one of these wallets to your regular wallet once you’ve purchased and withdrawn the ethers to whichever smart contract-supporting wallet you choose.

  • Ofir where can South Africans purchase ETH. We have a company locally but their markup is around $100. Where can I purchase ETH by using my credit card. Coinbase do not support S Africa.

  • Why is it so difficult to set up a bank account with Coinbase? And even when I do, the purchase doesn’t actually take place when I buy. Nothing seems to work when I try to purchase ethereum. Could my bank be stopping these transactions?

    • Hi Eli, probably it is best to follow up with Coinbase support team and ask them what is the problem.

    • Just set up an account with Gemini (… it’s simple, and the fees are much lower. My wife and I have been using Gemini for a couple months and it’s great.

  • Hi Ofir Beigel (23/7/2017)
    My name is Di , I am from Australia. Firstly I wanted to thankyou for giving your time and all this information to help people, that is really nice of you. I have NEVER invested in any shares, I have absolutely no idea how to go about it and would like how to get started and how to be careful to try to invest as safely as I can ( I realise there are no guarantees). Do you have any suggestions of a good way to try to determine which shares to invest in, to try to figure out what may be a safer investment and more likely to earn a return, and how to decide which shares to stay away from ? How to keep your banking details safe . How I can learn more about Bitcoin and Ethereum to understand it better as you have suggested before proceeding to invest. Also can you explain how I can check if coin bank is available in Australia. ? I really appreciate your help, thanking you in advance. Di :-)

  • Since coinbase doesn’t work with customers located in Israel. In your opinion, what is the best way to buy ETH from Israel?

  • When you place an order to buy ETH on coinbase, are you buying at that days price or the price on the day the order shows up in your account? Price dropped $150 since order was placed so do you get “screwed” on the drop?

    • Hi Johnny, generally speaking you should pay the price at the time your order was placed. But I suggest you to reach out to their support team for confirmation.

  • Hi ,

    We are planing to open coin exchange for ripple , ethereum and bitcoin in INDIA,

    Can someone suggest me how to buy ethereum and ripple in bulk from the parent organisation

      • Never try
        It’s a scam! I transferred money two weeks ago and still no money in my account.
        They don’t react on my issues. I think they have big internal problems.
        Read also the other forums.

        • I second that. Bad reviews! Might as well stick with Coinbase at that point which is also bad but can’t be any worse than I’ve jumped ship and joined Gemini. I hope they turn out to be much better!

      • Lol they sell for 25 more than the actual price, atm BTC is $2513 and they are selling at $2850 LOL No Thanks.

        • Actually you can also use their trade option and lower their commissions substantial from what I understand.

    • Roger that.
      I can always buy but I can never withdraw money and customer service is non-existent. I guarantee there is an exit scam in their future and the future of everyone who has invested with them!

  • hi
    i have been trying to open a coinbase account for weeks now it has restricted my account even though the verification has been accepted it wont accept any of my accounts they are uk GBP and US dollar accounts and i am a UK citizen what is going on at coinbase they don’t answer any of the e mail requests you send and seem totally inept should i continue to try with them or change to another provider and who would you reccommend a i a beginner in this but want to buy bitcoin and ether.


    • Thank you for the introductory. As a beginner, it seem like there’s a lot of homework to be done before really getting the cash sum into crypto-currency.
      1.Get to know your crypto currency
      2.Get to know the real dealer such as sellers, traders, Xchange or even hobbist.
      3.Get to know which wallets are suitable for what purposes

      Last not the least which still puzzle me as a question. The scenario goes like this.
      David is a expat who is working in a develop state that have facilities to transact BTC or ETHE. Meaning to say he is also holding a permanent residence ID in that develop state. The transaction all are basis on his permanent residence ID and bank account in that state during his buy/sell or even purchasing some long years contractual mining plan for BTC.

      Under circumstances, David have to give up his permanent residence ID and terminate all of his bank account as well as 2FA mobile phone verification in that develop state; in order to return to his own small town in 3rd world country.

      The 3rd world country banking system doesn’t deal with BTC or ETHE yet. Meanwhile, how would David going to be able to redeem his BTC or ETHE if the verification are mostly in the later years to come?

      • Hi Jeremy, this scenario depends on the infrastructure what the home town has – in case of internet connection and mobile network, there are a lot of exchanges on the market, who accepts users worldwide without the banking system with the help of anternative payment providers.

    • Hi Valera, comments are moderated once in every day. We do let negative comments in, your comment has been approved just now. This is not a paid post.

  • Verification on CEX is horribly frustrating, and if you have problem then you need to speak on a live chat with bot that sends you links to FAQ. Customer service is bad considering how much money they make daily.

  • Mr OFIR BIEGEL. Thank you for all your insights and advice on cryptoccurrencies. I really appreciate them. I read through your comment here and you made mention of not trusting ethereum yet o invest innit. Could you please give some professional advice on what crypto that could be a good investment?

    • Hi Willy, thanks for the feedback. Cryptocurrency investment is always a tricky questions, as Ofir mentioned before you definitely need to understand first what are you investing in, this is the only professional advice we can give you.

  • Hi,
    Please i want to invest in Ethereum in Nigeria. Which wallets is supported in my Country. I noticed Coinbase is not supported for buying and selling. I will be glad if i will be guided. Thanks

    • Hi Aishah, try, I think they accepts users from Nigeria.

      • Hi can I ask you something, I want to buy etherium and sell it after 5 or 6 years. What steps do I have to take because im getting stuck between coinable and poloniex. I just want to buy for like 1000 use etherium and check it after 5 or 6 years to see if its profitable to sell it to get some money in exchange. What do I have to do. Hope you can help me what and where I have to buy etherium to hold it like 5,6 years

  • Hi OFIR, I want to know if Ether can be bought from Nigeria and how? pls, help me with any contact.

    • Hi Shriya, setting up an exchange is a fairly difficult process, both from the technical side (website, trading engine, security) and from the legal side (local banking regulation, compliance). Probably you need a team of specialist for this.

    • I agree with Zsofia, there are many things to take into account and we really can’t consult on this kind of thing.

  • Hi ,
    I am from india. Could you please suggest me, how I buy ETH from here?

  • hi, i am from Nigeria and i visit your blog every once in awhile, going the current rate ether rate, do you still think investing/buying/selling ether is profitable?

    • Hi Dalu, the cryptocurrency investments is a tricky topic, you have to consider several factors, like time horizon, risk attitude, amount of money and your level of knowledger before spending money. There is no yes or no answer to this question.

  • If I buy ETH on CEX.IO, is there a way to send it to my wallet somehow? I couldn’t find any way…

  • @Ofir Beigel…please tell share the reason why have you not bought any Ethereum?

    • Simple, I don’t understand it well enough to see its value at the moment and I don’t invest in stuff that I don’t understand. If I were to invest in Ehtereum I would first make sure that I understand what its about, how can it be put to practical use and mainly who controls what happens with the currency. The fork that ETH had a year ago really puts great concerns on its future IMO.
      To conclude, I don’t invest in coins in order to speculate, I try to understand what intrinsic value they bring to the table.

      Hope this answered your question.

      • @OFIR BEIGEL thanks for the info and your honesty… I rate you for that…nice one!

  • Hi Ofir,

    Thanks for all of the wonderful crytpocurrency information you’ve provided over the years.

    Quick question: For the coming year, I’ll be working in a DoD deployment zone, and won’t have access to a cell phone through which to receive verification codes from Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase, etc. I want to buy Ethereum and BitCoin today. What do I do?

    • Hey thanks for the feedback!
      you can set up a Skype mobile number and use that perhaps? Also some of these apps have a desktop application as well. Let me know if this answers your question.

  • Hi Ofir,

    Thanks for all of the wonderful crytpocurrency information you’ve provided over the years.

    Quick question: For the coming year, I’ll be working in a DoD deployment zone, and won’t have access to a cell phone through which to receive verification codes from Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase, etc. I want to buy Ethereum and BitCoin today. What do I do?

    • Two factor authentication is an important security measure to make sure your coins are in safe. If you have internet connection, I would suggest to try to keep that and find a solution to receive the messages online.

  • Hi I am from India and I want to invest in ETH . Can u tell me any platform where I can buy using Indian credit card

      • Pardon my asking, but if that is the case why is one of the sections entitled:

        “How to buy Ethereum (credit card, wire transfer and cash)” ?

        • I haven’t noticed that actually. I’ve added another paragraph explaining the current cash situation. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  • I’m from India. We have a wallet named Zebpay for Bitcoin. ETH is not available here. I have a question. Is that possible that I’ll transfer the bits from my zebpay wallet to my friend’s coinbase wallet who is located in Alabama and he can purchase the ETH from those bits? And can ETH could be directly sold and amount will be submitted to Coinbase wallet or it has to be through Bitcoin conversion?

    • Hey Akshay,
      you can send your Bitcoins to Coinabse yes. ETH can be bought directly on Coinbase and it will be stored there, no need for Bitcoin conversion in the middle as far as I know. However I haven’t bought my Ethereum through Coinbase so I can’t be 100% sure about that.

      • Have you heard about issues with giving your bank account information (account#, password and pin#) when establishing coinbase accounts? I am new to this and interested in buying/trading cyber currency but skeptical of request for this info during initial coinbase account process.

        • Hey Shawn,
          I guess it depends on the bank. Some banks give customers a hard time when they transfer funds to Bitcoin related companies but I can’t say as a rule that they all do.

  • Wasn’t it the ETC camp who objected to changing the code. I thought it was the ETH camp who changed the code in order to invalidate the tokens that had been fraudulently obtained by the DAO hacker. Haven’t you got it the wrong way round in your article?

    • You’re absolutely right, I got them mixed up. Changed it in the post – thanks for diverting my attention to this.

    • @Irfan
      I built a quite extensive list of ether faucets. What has to be said about these faucets is that they are all self-hosted since there is no external service like faucetbox that supports this currency yet. For many of these faucets the payout level is quite high and it takes a lot of time to be paid out. You should be able to access the list by klicking my name above this comment.

  • I just turned all my BTC into Ether on my Eobot!! and changed all my mining settings to Ether. I could actually see a future for this, Just like how BTC was worth literally nothing. Its something worth investing on. I can’t wait to see 5 years later it being with hundreds. If you’re gonna invest INVEST NOW!!