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Google, Yahoo Add Bitcoin Prices to Financial Index!

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If you had any doubt before that bitcoin is a legitimate virtual currency, you may change your mind after this. We have confirmed that both Google and Yahoo have listed bitcoin prices in their financial indexes. Google and Yahoo are not the first big time companies to have taken notice of the rapid rise of bitcoin but they are the first major news and reporting sites to list bitcoin on their price index. Bloomberg started reporting bitcoin prices a couple of months ago but the online newspaper is not nearly as big as Google and Yahoo. The news broke out after Google added bitcoin to their price index and Yahoo followed suit! Yahoo bitcoin price index listed the following info:

* Open, bid, ask and previous closing prices

* Day  & 52-week price ranges

* 5-year interactive and basic charts

* Latest bitcoin headlines and news from around the internet

None of the companies put out a press release of reported the news on their websites. The news broke out after a newspaper reportedly found “CURRENCY:BTC” on Google’s Finance algorithm and wrote a news article about it a day later. The news quickly spread! On Google Finance page, a users can find bitcoin prices, a list of bitcoin news headlines and related quotes. Bitcoin Prices can also be foind on Google Finance for mobile users. Google, however, has not added bitcoin to it’s search engine queries and has giving no indications when they will be doing so or whether they will do it at all. Regardless of the limitation, the bitcoin community is still please to see a bit company like Google is paying attention and giving attention to bitcoin.

“Any ability to gain more information or expose information to a broader base increases it’s value. Lots of people use Yahoo Finance and now can follow the price of bitcoin in their feeds. That definitely adds value for people. Now, how that influences price, that’s another question,” a Reddit user wrote on the popular social media site.

Bitcon has surpased other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, dogecoin as the biggest and most popular virtual currency early this year when the federal government raided the biggest online illegal drug marketplace SilkRoad and found out they were only taking bitcoins as payment. The news quickly circulated and bitcoin quickly gained attention of some of the biggest financial investors like Richard Brenson who invested over $30 millions in one of the largest bitcoin payment proccessors BitPay.

The price of bitcoin has surged over the last couple of weeks. It is recovering from some recent bad press after a couple bitcoin exchange companies went under citing hacker attacks as reasons. The current price of bitcoin is $583, down $67. A single bitcoin price reached $650 a few weeks ago. The all-time high price for a single bitcoin early this year was $1,200!

Source: coinbuzz

I fell in love with bitcoin about 2 years ago and have never looked back. Over a 2 year period, I learned as much as I can about this hot/new virtual currency and have bought, sold and traded a few bitcoins myself. Now, I want to share with you what I know! Enjoy.

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